Monday, September 1, 2008

Injectable, why you should give this a try?

A picture of my wifeImage via Wikipedia Injectables have now become the fourth most commonly used contraceptive method worldwide.
More and more women are being open to using contraceptive that stops monthly bleeding. Some women stopped the use of injectables because they stop having their monthly period.Many women though welcome the absence of menstruation and continue using the method.

Injectables may also help in preventing the abnormal development of cells in the ovaries and uterus. by stopping or reducing monthly bleeding. Injectables may also help reduce heavy bleeding, dysmennorrhea and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

Women using injectables who want to conceive will be capable of doing so after they stop using it. There may be a slight delay before pregnancy occurs after stopping the use of injectables but this should not be equated with infertility. Injectable are also safe for breastfeeding mothers since injectables do not affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. Using injectables therefore does not have any harmful effects on the growth and developments of infants.

A single shot of an injectible contraceptive provides three months of continuous and uninterrupted protection from unplanned pregnancy. For couples, This means total confidence an peace of mind.

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