Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cookie diet in your diet plans?

I came across this box, while checking out some weight-loss products last Saturday at the mall. I have no plan of buying any weight-loss products,because I'm very much satisfied with my weight now. I just want to see this cookie that my sister is planning to try.

So, i have to do my homework and did my research on this.
The Hollywood cookie diet, they say, is the first delicious way to lose weight. You'll only need to take 4 cookies a day. One cookie each meal- breakfast,mid-morning(brunch,) lunch, and mid-afternoon snack.They say that it will actually help you to lose weight, without the bitter feeling of those other weight-loss products and it'll make you feel full.and after those 4 cookies, you have to follow it with a "sensible" dinner.

Each box has 4 individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies inside. It has 20 grams of fiber, 20 grams of protein, 13 of vitamins and minerals, zero trans-fat and based on the caloric restriction of meal replacement and portion control.

Even though the results varies in each individuals. Moderate physical activity or exercise can help you more in loosing weight while taking this cookie. Hollywood cookie diet can help you reach your desired weight, They say that you can eat as long as you want until you achieve the weight you've always wanted.

Now, I don't want to sound I'm promoting this kind of diet and i don't want to sound I'm against it. I still believe that even though this kind of diet may be effective. People should not rely on this solely. If you don't have a very hectic schedule like Hollywood actors do, It's still better to at least give your self a time for a little exercise and eat healthy foods..

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  1. The problem with this type of diet is that they do not teach you about eating heathily so it makes it harder to maintain the weight loss once you stop the diet.


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