Sunday, August 31, 2008

Women's health: 3 significant things, women should know

There are things in every women's life that we just took for granted, not knowing the risk that are waiting for us. To all the ladies please read and it might be a big help to you.

  • Tight and thin bra straps cause headaches. According to doctors at the University of Texas in Dallas, a tight strap that digs into your shoulder can put hard pressure on the cervical nerve that is from your back to your shoulder. The result can be frequent headaches, neck pain or numbness. Now it can cause pain that radiates all the way from your shoulders to your hands. So if i were you, let your bra size properly measured. Throw away bras with skinny straps that dig in to your skin.

  • Killer heals is bad for your health. If high heels are worn too often, It can cause painful bunions, calluses and corns- and it's not just the feet that suffer. High heels can affect your posture, putting stress on the spine, resulting in back problems. Long periods of wearing high heels can shorten calf muscles. This may lead you to back, hip and knee difficulties.

  • It's essential for women to drink safely. " Women's bodies contain less water and more body fat, Which means alcohol reaches the liver more quickly and in higher concentrations than in men. We not only get drunk more quickly, but are also vulnerable in long-term damage to our heart, liver, pancreas and nervous system" explains Dr. Sarah Jarvis. "Hormones play a role too Women become even more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol around their period" she adds.Drink safely no more than two to three units a day(one unit equals to ten milliliters), no more than 14 units a week, with a few alcohol-free days. And be sure to have food when drinking. "Everyone underestimates how much they drink, so be totally honest- or your just fooling yourself," says Dr. Jarvis" More than six units in one sitting counts as binge drinking, which in the short term doubles your risk of strokes.
We thought the simple things in our life doesn't really matter, well it does now.

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  1. Thank you for this information. It never dawned on me that my bras were giving me a headache. I got that they were cause trouble with my back.


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