Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prevent gingivitis, Have a healthy smile.

They say teeth is the most important part of you smile. But how about our gums? Do we take care of our gums whenever we brush are teeth? Does brushing alone can keep our gums healthy.When i was a kid i never thought that bleeding gums would lead to gingivitis. until my dentist told me. So at an early age. I already learned how to take care of my gums.

Most people who suffers from gum problems, are already suffering from gingivitis. There are so many popular ways on how you can actually prevent it. but i gathered for most effective steps of them all.

1. Brushing your teeth. Yes, i know you heard it before, but this is the first thing you shouldn't miss to so. brushing twice daily or more can prevent gingivitis. And dental flossing wouldn't hurt. So try to make it a habit to brush and floss. Food left in between teeth may not only cause cavities but may also cause bad breath.

2.Eat a well- balanced diet. Try to consume 500mg of Vitamin c and calcium, based on studies. Lack of nutritious food are more prone to Gingivitis.

3. Use a good mouth wash. Toothpaste doesn't kill all the germs in your mouth. better have a back up.

4. Massage your gums for few minutes. Before brushing your teeth, try to use the the soft bristles of tooth brush and try to massage your gums, but don't put too much pressure. or just simply massage your gums with the use of fingers. It will help the blood circulation in your gums.
Simple but effective techniques that prevent Gingivitis. I can see some happy smiles on their way.
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  1. I'm using BrytonPick, portable and reusable (string-free) flossier to remove food after every snack. Awesome idea, I never leave home without it!!

  2. May I also add having a checkup with your dentist? I've been practically doing all of those tips but I still want to be sure that's why I visit my trusted dentist (Germantown, TN based). He knows what treatments or preventive measures to do to ensure that my teeth and gums are always healthy.


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