Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does Wheat grass really make us healthy?

Wheat grass for good health? Indoor grown wheatgrass grows from 8-14 days b...Image via Wikipedia Last Saturday, i learned something new... to me, but it was already known ages ago.I just wanted to share something that i found amazing.(Courtesy of Ms. Jessica Soho)
A lot of people may know wheat grass as just a grass that makes your front lawn looks pretty neat. And cows, goats and horse's daily meal.

Wheat grass is a type of grass that is rich and high in vitamins and minerals, but of course it still a grass. So for some people, they may find these unpleasant to eat or drink. But let me show you what really caught my attention, Producers of wheat grass said that There's a lot of ways to take wheat grass. But you can try to put some in a juicer so you can take the juice from it and drink it from a shot glass. They say that even the pulp has benefits too.(you can use it as a facial scrub.) They claim that one shot glass of wheat grass is equal to 1 kilo of green leafy vegetables. If this is true then I'd better get one of these.

Here are some more benefits of wheat grass that proponents claim:

help make menopause more manageable

prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease

It cures constipation

It detoxify heavy metals from the bloodstream

promote general well-being.

improve the digestive system

This study was pioneered by Dr. Ann Wigmore , a health practitioner, nutritionist,whole foods advocate, and a doctor of Divinity.
Dr. Ann Wigmore has been helping people get well from chronic disorders for 30 years using wheatgrass. Wheat grass may or may not prevent cancer. But i strongly still believe that nothing beats a well balanced diet, So don't just rely on one food to cure a disease. Wheat grass is healthy so you can add it in your daily diet. And you may be surprised what it will truly brings to your health.

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  1. Anthony Robbins is a big proponent of wheatgrass. Something about negative a postive charges in what we eat.

  2. I need to get some wheat grass and take it on a regular basis. I had heard it was good for you but had no idea how good!

  3. I take 2 ounces every single day. The days that I don't take it, I can literally feel it. I am sluggish and mentally not alert. I now tell people that I have a wheat grass addiction.

    It doesn't taste great. But it doesn't taste bad either. Tolerable. As tolerable as drinking grass juice can be. LOL!

  4. Has anyone ever added wheat grass to you favorite smoothie? I heard this was one way to get it down. I'd hate to ruin a good smoothie however, in case the while thing tasted like wheat grass...

  5. I used to grow my own wheatgrass until I discovered a wheatgrass grown without soil and includes the roots. The roots have many nutrients missing in other wheatgrasses and you don't have mold as in those grown in the soil. The cold dried process maintains the enzymes and nutrients and the root neutralizes the taste so it is not heavy or pungent. You can find it on bestorganicwheatgrass.com if you want to try it.


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