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Breastfeeding: how to increase breast milk fast.

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Normally breast milk is increased by eating green and leafy vegetables but taking the right multivitamins can enhance milk reproduction more especially after taking birth.

I have talked to a lot of moms who used to have the same problem as i do. Not enough breast milk supply. But my OBgyne gave me Natalac. And i must say it really works, within just few hours after taking it. It is made by mallungay leaves or moringa. This is i think the most popular capsules here in our country(Philippines) that will surely increase your breast milk . And it's been around for so many years already.

Almost all the mothers i know have taken this capsules and achieve good results.
Natalac capsule is a natural health food supplement. It contains 250 mg (dry weight) of superior quality Moringa leaves rich in iron, Calcium and Phosporus. It is ideal for lactating mothers whose breast milk provides the best nourishment and most natural way of caring for infants. Generations of mothers have taken Moringa leaves cooked in a broth and taken liberally to promote milk secretion in mothers with inadequate lactation. This is usually taken 1 to twice a day for just 2 weeks or depends upon your doctor's prescription.

This is not available in some other countries but you could try to look for it on ebay. and there are a lot of moringa capsules available on the internet. Just make sure to buy only to trusted sites. So moms, if breast pump is such a pain, you may want to try this.

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  1. This is really very nice, I just loved the way you put it, keep posts like this coming.


  2. natalac is very effective..


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