Thursday, September 4, 2008

Growing pains, What your kids are telling you.

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Growing pains may occur, especially with kids ages 3 and up. Kids at this stage may experience aches in arms, legs and joints after a very tiring day. but don't worry these are usually gone by the morning.

Though growing pains and aches are normal and there are no specific clinical remedies for them parents can ease their children's discomfort with gentle stretching of the arms and legs and with warm compress application

Kids complaints on pains and aches should also be monitored and should not be dismissed. Growing pains in the legs usually affect both legs. So if your child experiences pain in just one leg, consult a doctor. Redness around the joints, swelling, rash, fever, or a limp also call for a visit to the doctor.

Parents cannot just buy a handbook on nurturing their babies, especially when it comes to growth and development. It is through observation and experience that we learn most about them.
And as a mother of two kids. I believe that i am not the best person to teach you on how to nurture your child but it's you who is the best Nurse of them all.

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