Friday, September 26, 2008

Breastfeeding: Mommy for rent in China

Breastfeeding an infantImage via WikipediaAs a breastfeeding mom, this is something that really caught my attention and i want to share it to you.
While others are busy on how to solve the milk problems in Different countries, One woman in China has took advantage of this situation and thought of an alternative way to earn money.

A lot of moms in China are having the same problems with their babies' milk. But for Huang, 32 years old from Chengdu, China. This is not her problem because she breastfeed her 3 month-old baby boy.She said that her milk is more than enough for his baby.

So her thought that she can produce more milk and give it to other babies began, But it's not for free. You got to have at least 300 Yuan or $44 to avail her milk/per day. Huang and his husband agreed to let the customers rent one bedroom in their house or rent a room near their house. SO that Huang wouldn't have a hard time transferring from babies to babies.

She said that the parents don't need to worry about her health, or any health problems that might be passed from her to the babies, She is willing to have a check up/ over all examination before she give her service. With the help of her niece, They post an ad over the Internet and business is booming.

Everyday she managed to produce at least 2 kilos or 4.4lbs of milk, Aside From Huang, There are also many mothers who do the same thing in the city of Shenzhen. This Job can earn 18,000 Yuan a month. And their Government has nothing against this kind of business.

I must say that breastfeeding is really the best for your babies and other people's babies. If this kind of job can help other people, Why not. I just thought that this kind of service should be free, but i know how it feels to breast feed, so maybe these moms are just thinking about the pain and the effort of breastfeeding that's why they ask for money but i just hope that it wont cost too much. At this kind of tragic problems we should be helping each other and not taking advantage, right?

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