Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breast Cancer: Have you checked yourself lately?

The gene transformation in breast cancer can be passed trough the next generations of females in the family, especially if the family has only few females.
Based on the statistics,thousand and thousands of young women are added on this list of women diagnosed with breast cancer, that aren't given enough attention like proper genetic testing. Because most of these women didn't undergo any tests. Most of these women believe that It's not important, they thought that they won't get it because no one in their family has it.

Now the problem is Genetic testing, It is done while women already have breast cancer . So if a woman thinks that she is in a low risk of having this cancer, then she might be in trouble. Some people won't even tests themselves even if they're feeling something.Because they believe that it didn't run in the family which is absolutely wrong. Taking things like these for granted is a no no, My manager's sister is a living proof to this. They have no family history of this cancer. And they're all healthy but just last year she lost her other breast. would you wait for that moment to happen to you too?

You can consider other things to prevent this cancer from coming back, like taking estrogen-suppressing medicines like tamoxifen. Now it is still important to have genetic counseling if you have breast cancer right before you reach the age of 50. OR just simply visit your doctor if you have doubts. Never take this kind of things for granted.


  1. Your right! This post is important to all women. I check mine regularly, we have to.

    Don't you know anything natural to my breasts bigger? Please make a post on it if you do.

    Nice blog Aybi, keep it up!

  2. It is nice that you have posted something to get more women aware of the Killer BC. I had a post on this too. My hubby's step-sister was diagnosed with BC and still undergoing treatment. Btw, Thanks for the visit. Come visit anytime and I'll do the same here. Ingat lagi.


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