Saturday, August 16, 2008

Long life: 3 easy ways to achieve it.

The human life span is decreasing day by day compared before, where people can still live up to 100 years. This is alarming to each one of us. Every individual should do their part to at least help himself to increase his life by simply taking care of their health, and be more conscious of what they eat. Some of the effective ways that can helps us or our loved ones are the following:

1. Reduce stress in our body- Based on research studies that chronic stress can reduce telomeres, it is the tips of the chromosomes that controls the ability of the cells to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. People who can control their daily stress are actually reducing the danger that can possibly brought by these hormones. It decreases blood pressure and maintain a healthy immune system. Yoga or meditation can be very effective to fight stress. a 5-minute mediation can actually make a difference. Try to calm yourself every time you encounter a stressful situation or ask a friend to do it if you can easily get upset or annoyed. another good way is a long walk in a peaceful place like parks or beach the sound of the sea is soothing and it relaxes our body.

2. Increase Nitric oxide - It is a natural short lived gas that are found in the blood vessel lining of a person. Nitric oxide are said to lower blood pressure, that reduces the build up of plaque in atherosclerosis and helps the proper function and circulation of lungs. A good way to add nitric oxide is to consume saturated fat. saturated fat can be found in foods like butter, meats and whole milk dairy products. But take only the recommended daily allowance. Try to limit your consumption of food that are high in saturated fat. anything that is too much is dangerous.

3. Limit your sugar intake - We should be careful with consumption of sugar. Having excess sugar is already a fact that is dangerous. The risk can brought you to:

  • Heart problems
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Nerve damage
  • Kidney failure
  • Memory lapses
  • Eye problems
  • Arthritis
Continuous decrease of sugar consumption and white carbohydrates can make a difference . Some people won't bother to even try. But for those who did, they are already living their life without any doubt. Take charge of your health and be happy!

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  1. I think that I was meant to read this today! I have been so bad with the stress and sugar lately (especially the sugar). I need to get over my love of sugar. I really try and I just am having a hard time!


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