Friday, August 15, 2008

Overweight: The dangers of too much.

Before you grab that large size coke or that mouthwatering bacon cheeseburger, You may want to read this, Being overweight can be just as problematic as being underweight. The health consequence can be risky, if not fatal. The patients who are obese die younger. Moreover, exceeding your ideal weight can put you at risk for the following:

1. Arthritis: Due to increasing weight joint pains leading to arthritis couldn't be far behind. Besides, Studies says Even if you tell people to exercise, They cannot move anymore. (scary ei?!) because their weight is so heavy.

2. Infertility: Because weight affects processes such as ovulation, and even quality sperm production, infertility is a consequence for overweight males and females. too fat, too lazy. no sex no baby. Reduce your weight so you can conceive.

3. Diabetes: "It has been found that there's a parallel increase of the diabetes threads(in overweight people)" In The United States, 60% of the population is gaining weight, and type 2 diabetes is increasing in prevalence as well. You can see children are very big, and you will see the prevalence of diabetes also increases. Just imagine getting fat and getting diabetic. two concerns will be prevented if you will just slow down in your calorie intake and carefully plan your diet.

4. Social stigma: Although not a medical consequence, It's one that's equally important. " On TV now, Everybody are extremely thin. All these ads, all the models looks anorexic. So whenever vain women see this It puts signals on their brains, So fat people are stigmatized.

5. Sleep Apnea- THis is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing just imagine this , your so big the lungs become affected. This makes you prone to sudden death. Nobody want that to happen .

No matter how hard it is, Patience and discipline leads to a healthier life!So eat well. Eat healthy food well!


  1. Inspiring post. I do have to keep reminding myself that the reason I am losing weight is to be more healthy, as that motivates me more than looking good.

  2. Obesity really has so many disadvantages. Many people do not know that the more you eat, the more your body will work and get exhausted. Moderation is really the key to health.


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