Monday, August 4, 2008

Losing weight after pregnancy

Losing weight After the pregnancy? One of the biggest problems women encounter is losing weight. A lot of women became depressed after a pregnancy. The skin,the fat, the whole body are absolutely different from before so women tried their best to bring back their old body.Here are some tips that will help you lose weight and gain back that lost confidence.

1.Drink lots of water. -Drinking water will help you feel fuller which should suppress your appetite and less likely to eat more. Exercising will help eliminate water weight and the bloating. Most people will not drink water more than their body weight can handle. You should drink about 6-8 glasses a day depending on your body weight.

2.Watch what you are what you eat. Try to eat little to no junk food and sugar, choose healthy snacks instead; ie: fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk or juice. If you can't live without chocolates or sweet candies try alternatives. Limit your food intake when you eat, take small to medium size servings and try not ti go back for seconds, Avoid dessert as possible

3.Most important start a workout of some sort as soon as your doctor says its safe. Pick something you like to do running, speed walking, yoga, weight lifting, swimming, what ever you enjoy, or a combination of them. Just be sure that you do a warm up and cool down and get your heart rate up for at least 30 - 40 min. Try to work out at least 5 days out of the week ,7 if you have time, for at least an hour a day.

Remember it took 9 months to make a baby expect it to take 9-12 months to lose most the weight and regain the muscle tone you had before you had the baby. No pain no gain.
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