Wednesday, August 27, 2008

6 Beauty habits that may harm you.

Everybody likes to be beautiful and clean.But when is too much? too much? Here's the real deal on common beauty rituals that could actually do you more harm than good:

1. Excessive hair washing - Washing our hair everyday may make you feel clean. In reality, though, It strips your hair and scalp their natural moisturizing oils. leaving you with damaged brittle hair. Prevent this by shampooing your hair every other day for a healthier, silkier mane. Apply conditioner after rinsing. Use those that contain little or no alcohol at all. Or massage your scalp with drops of jojoba oil.

2.Wearing tight clothes - Clothing such as skinny jeans and tight Capri pants constantly rub skin, making your intimate area sensitive. Prevent this by making a schedule on the clothes you wear. as much as possible try not to wear tight clothes everyday.

3. Lipstick touch ups - This is not about if your lipstick has reported to contain lead. This is about too much touch ups. Lipstick should be used sparingly, as they cause our lips to dry. most especially the matte variety, which, although it stay's longer on you , takes the moisture out of your kissable lips.

4. Very long baths- It is always relaxing to have a long bath to cap a stressful day. This however, is actually not good for our skin since excessive washing causes the loss of natural oil in the outer layers of our skin making it dry. Prevent this by dabbing your skin after very shower. yes, dab and not rub. Apply a light moisturizer after

5. Not taking off your shoes - Oh yes, no matter how we love our shoes. It hurt our feet. It changes the way we walk. Prevent this by simply using flip flops or sleepers at home. And a nice foot spa won't hurt.

I'm sometimes guilty with these things. Anything too much is always harmful. Even in beauty habits.

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  1. I thought too much about wearing tight clothes as being unhealthy for you. Hmmm.... good thing I am mostly pass that stage in my life.

  2. oh well im a guy so i have no problem with this :D

  3. i'm also guilty of most of these items :D


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