Sunday, August 3, 2008

Natural remedy: Spices that cures

Being ill doesn't choose any time or date.Season or weather. Even in the most important affair in your life you can get sick. And because it is expensive to get sick we have to take care of ourselves and prevent any symptoms that may lead to different ailments. Once you feel that you're going to get sick better to raid your kitchen cabinet first before you go straight to drugstore. Try to check your spice cabinet you may have one or two of these and you may have some simple remedy to these simple sickness:

1. Common cold- Try cinnamon. This spice will serve as an astringent that helps to dry too much mucus in the lungs and nasal passages of a person. This is also good in keeping our body in perfect condition. While it gives off mild sensation to our hands and feet. Sprinkle some cinnamon to your toast or having cinnamon stick to your tea. are just some few examples.

2. Sore throat- Try oregano. Aside from gargling salt with water solution. There is also the leaves of oregano that can remove the pain of sore throat in only a minute. Based on studies form nutritionists. Oregano has bacteria-killing ingredients that can also be found in over the counter sore throat sprays. Try to put one tablespoon of leaves of oregano in a boiling water. Let it cool and and use it like a mouth wash. It will kill the bacteria immediately and you can feel the effect right away.

3. Terrible cough- Try thyme. This spice has therapeutic effect to our lungs while it relaxes our respiratory tract muscle. Thyme is one of the active ingredient of Vaporub. One teaspoon of dried thyme in a cup of hot water and serve it like tea.

4. Tight chest/difficulty breathing- Try licorice. compounds that are found in Licorice are effective in irritated membrane in the lung part that acts as an expectorant. That soothes throat irritations, lung congestion and even bronchitis. Sipping licorice tea, or consuming 500 mg of licorice root that can be bought in drugstores. Is the best solution.

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