Thursday, August 14, 2008

Potatoes and Mushrooms: The other side of our favorites

The two veggies that we love has even more nutritional value than we ever thought of. Whenever we talk about potatoes and mushrooms. The first thing that will come up to most people's minds are French fries and Mushroom soup. Now there are other side of these wonderful veggies. Potatoes are very much popular for carbohydrates and a little of protein but it still has some other nutritional values. Mushrooms are excellent source of potassium but it also has other benefits.

Mushrooms- is very well known for its high nutritional value. Like broccoli, mushroom has the same benefits and effects to our body it is beacuse of antioxidants. You heard antioxidants over and over but what exactly is that antioxidant that makes mushroom a sure hit.
It has selenium that goes well with vitamin e that repair cells, i am a living proof how good selenium with vitamin e. Just make sure you take the proper dosage daily. Research shows that
Mushroom can prevent migraines from coming back or headaches and even help people who suffers OCD. I never thought mushrooms can prevent this kind of disorder.

Potatoes- Oh French fries!.... not. It's not about potatoes being fried. Normally potatoes are known to add weight because it's fried and It's the oil not the potato. Potato has many nutrients such as iron and copper but of course it is rich source of potassium. and In recent studies, They've found that potatoes has kukoamine a compound that helps lower blood pressure! Now that's good news! So if ever you want to eat French fries, Change your diet and try to bake it. It will actually reduce your weight because of it's fiber content, it controls your tempt to eat more and it will make you feel full. Baked potato helps lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. So bake some potatoes and not fry some.

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  1. It is so nice to hear this about mushrooms and potatoes as these are two of my very, very favorites!!!


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