Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What are the causes of hearing loss?

We love to listen to music, I think everybody has their own type of genre, But, does loud music can cause loss of our sense of hear? But we all know that sounds are obviously tolerated for many years. Now the sounds are very much acceptable, but of course the sound should also be in an acceptable or reasonable range. Have you been to a rock concert? Where were you located? Were you near those gigantic speakers? Why?

Because many youngsters nowadays may have some minor hearing problems after a concert. They usually have those temporary threshold, So recreationaly were exposed to a lot of noise. Employment wise, there are a lot of employees that work in an environment that is very loud, construction people, people who work with the airplanes in the airports, they have a fair amount of exposure sometimes, Now if the length of exposure exceeds the time that is tolerable, They could develop some hearing impairment.

Now how do you know if you might have some hearing problems that may somehow cause hearing loss in the future? Associated with this hearing loss almost always is the ringing sound that you hear in your ear which is also known as Tinnitus, and Tinnitus is a brain signal that the brain is hearing a sound which really a phantom sound because it's not there, and what it really is, is damage to the nerve in the frequency range that is outside sound that stimulates that nerve act.

So yes simple sounds that may be unacceptable might give us hearing problems in the future, so take care of your ears, we only have one pair.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How many cups of coffee?

Coffee maybe one of the most confusing food in the world, many studies shows some good and bad effects of drinking coffee. Here are some of the few health benefits that would give you an idea about your favorite latte.

Based on recent studies shows that your morning coffee routine may lead to a better health, We all know that there is nothing like starting your day with a cup of coffee.
A little caffeine pumps you up, it stimulates your nervous system. Boosts mental alertness, and based on the those studies that a few cups a day may be good for you.

Those studies shows that regular coffee drinkers may have a lower risk for death and heart disease, What causes this benefit? It must be something other than caffeine because the protective effects were also found in decaffeinated coffee drinkers. Coffee is plant based. It contains ingredients that reduce the inflammation and improve blood vessel function. these chemicals are fenols with antioxidant properties.

Now this study might get the attention of all those coffee drinkers, but it doesn't mean that you have to double your intake. Always remember that moderation still matters. Anything that is too much can be bad. Based on another recent study of moderation study of coffee, found that men who drink 6 cups of coffee a day, almost doubled their risk of heart disease. But women who drinks only 2 cups a day reduce their risk of heart disease by 25%. So, this shows that moderation does matters.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Off-topic : What happened with my page rank?

I'm just a little upset these days because so I just wanted to post this, I really don't know what to do because my page rank dropped from 2 to 0. I really don't know why. I don't remember anything that may hurt my page rank. I just post like the normal posting that i do.

I thought it was just like before, when google just upgrade or did something that's why most sites loses their page rank, and then it went back again after sometime or days. But I was surprised that it's been a month, and my blog still has zero page rank. I'm still searching for the answer to my question, hope if could get as soon as possible so I can save my blog. I really hope that it will go back very very soon.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vocal help, Save your voice.

Voice is one of the important thing that we have, Just imagine if you have no voice, you can't speak, you can't sing, and even your laugh is totally mute. I have nothing against being mute. But if you have voice then save it, Learn how to take care of it, Especially if you are aspiring, professional or amateur singers. Your voice is your life.

Now here are great tips to remember whenever you are going to sing and how to take care of your voice.

- always remember to eat very light meal before you sing. Aside from you will unable to concentrate when you are full beacuse you are full, and of course you will be having a hard time breathing, your tummy is bloated, the diaphragm, cannot move freely because of your full stomach, and when you burp and you have acid reflux, now that is really something. It will totally help damage your vocal chords

- drink lots of water the whole time, And take note of this, the water should be at a room temperature. not cold. Some people usually drink before they sing or after, but you should drink the whole time you feel like drinking, it will keep you hydrated.

- eat healthy food, such as lean meats, vegetables, eggs, not much of hot spicy food junk foods messed up with your throat so try avoid is as much as possible

- quit smoking, not just for your voice but for you whole body as well.

- do not drink alcohol, drinking dries up your vocal chords.

If ever you have severe case of throat problems just go check your EENT. So if your job uses voice, then save it. Nobody can save it but you.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar for a healthy hair

This is really not new for many but for those who haven't heard about it here's something that you may want to try to have a healthy hair, I tried this already and it does work for my hair.

Here's how it to prepare the apple cider rinse,
1 cup or of slightly warm water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Simply mix that 1 tablespoon if apple cider vinegar to your water. After you shampoo you hair for the final rinse, pour the dilute apple cider vinegar. thoroughly through your hair, and leave it, then dry your hair. I know that the vinegar aroma stays while your hair is still wet. But the aroma will disappear as your hair dries.

This apple cider vinegar rinse will leave your hair shiny and takes away any residue from products that we might use to style our hair. And closes up the cuticle so that light reflects better and we have less tendency towards frizz and fly away hair. It also leaves your scalp dandruff free. I usually do this once a month and it does made my hair shiny and zero flakes. If you are really concern about the smell, Make sure that you schedule a day for this once a month, a day that you will have nothing to do or no places to go. After a day you can shampoo your hair and condition it with a good smelling shampoo.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ostrich meat's health benefits.

Whenever we talk about exotic foods and all, Ostrich meat would be one of the first thing that will comes up to your mind. It's not a scare-your pant's-off kind of ingredient, yet not as plain as typical as your cow, lamb or duck meat.

Ostrich meat is actually very similar to the color, texture and even the taste of your everyday beef, only much healthier. So instead of choosing the beef, Ostrich meat is a good alternative.

So what are the health benefits of this best alternative to red meat.

- It is very much known to have lower cholesterol content compared to beef, chicken, lamb and turkey.

- It has less fat than a skinless chicken or turkey.

- This ostrich meat is definitely high in iron and rich in protein.

- and one of the best thing about this meat is that it doesn't attract bacteria like E-coli or salmonella, which are very harmful to our health. This is because ostrich ideal is PH- balance so it doesn't attract these harmful bacterias.

Best of all you'll end up with a very lean meat which you can cook and prepare practically the same way as you would with beef. It's also avilable in a wide range of cuts and forms - from ground to diced and steaks- This will give you a lot of ways to experiment with this meat aitha little healp with different flavors and spices.

image from: stockmann.fi
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Friday, October 2, 2009

The dangers of Aspartame.

We all know about the artificial sweetener aspartame is now widely used in thousands of products all over the world. You probably are using aspartame without noticing it. Well. Based on researches. Aspartame is not good for our health.

Aspartame is known to have cause seizures, blindness, obesity, headaches and even cancer. Diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimers, ADHD, diabetic and a lot more on the list. Apartame is consists of 2 amino acids aspartate and phenylalanine.
Even if the safety of Aspartame has been affirmed by FDA for many times over the past 23 years, The FDA receives more complains about it's adverse reactions to aspartame compared to any other food ingredient in the history.

Many people suffer from immediate reactions from taking aspartame, Those immediate reactions or symptoms attributed with aspartame includes:

Severe headaches
Attention difficulties
Memory loss
throat swelling

Now the long term effects can be

blood sugar problems
Ovarian cancer
Brain tumors

Aspartame has an instability in liquid form. When liquid aspartame reaches temperatures above 85 degrees F.It breaks down in known toxins and side effects are now even worse than before. So why is it still in the market? many researchers shown and beliefs that this is not the war of science it's about the politics. So if you are one of those health conscious people who stopped the intake of sugar and chose the artificial sweetener instead. This might be a wake up call.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stop the sugar cravings

Ok, so one of the hardest thing to resist is sweet. And yes most of us has sugar cravings. There are just some people who can't stop this and there are ones that ended up in sugar addiction. I myself is sometimes guilty of these cravings. But how are we going to control this very unhealthy habit?

One of the things that will help you to stop this is to not take sodas. Soft drinks maybe one of your favorites but you really have to stop drinking it. Soft drinks does taste good but they are just not healthy so just cut them out. Remove them from your list and you are definitely helping yourself.

Another thing is to avoid Artificial sweeteners. Why? Based on research studies, these artificial sweeteners actually increase your sugar cravings, they increase your appetite, and it has aspartame, known to be very bad for your health.

Try not to buy those junk food and take it home. why? simply because if you have sweets at home, It's so hard to avoid it. You will end up sneaking for that candy bar at night. Especially if in your head you know that it would be really easy to just walk to your pantry and get one. Now try to take home fruits like bananas, apples grapes and oranges. So whenever you are craving for sweet you have no choice but to grab one of these healthy fruits of course. Now give your body some time to adjust with those fruits and when it happens, Your body is now used to having those fruits instead of those sweet junk foods.

Keep a well balanced diet and exercise, this will not only keep your body fit but it also help the blood sugar level stable.

image from: 3stepsadd.com
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