Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ways to lose weight fast , 4 easy tips

So many tips to loose your weight if you will just follow some of the articles in the archives before you'll probably on your way to loosing 5 lbs more. Now here's another tricks to help you lose more.

1. Refresh your routine - No longer feeling the burn from your daily walk? when you do your exercise your muscle memory kicks in. how? When your doing your routine, and your doing it over and over again. You yourself feels that it's like nothing is burning anymore, actually there still is but the problem is your body is giving you signals that you are bored. Challenge your body and use up more fuel by giving different muscle groups a jolt. Mix it up: Do some laps in the pool or try some high intensity power yoga. Balance your exercise, not only you lose weight but you feel the difference.

2. Best Diet breakfast - say goodbye to bagels. Researchers from Louisiana State University System tracked people on a low-cal diet and found that those who ate two eggs in the morning lost 65 percent more weight than those who had bagel breakfast with the same number of calories. Plus the egg eaters' cholesterol levels didn't go up. How did they shed the extra pounds? Compared to the bagel group, they felt fuller after breakfast and ate fewer calories during the day.

3. Listen to lose- Exercising to the right song can help you get fitter, report researchers from Brunel University in England. They found that music helped participants work out longer. They key is to find tunes that get you going (think James Brown's I feel good) . Once you sit down to eat, however silence is best. A study form Georgia state University showed that people munched more when music was playing.

4. Gobble before you gulp- Grab a snack before you sip. "Drinking caffeine or alcohol especially on an empty stomach, encourages insulin to floodgate into the bloodstream explains nutritionist Deborah Arneson. Rsult? The activation of cortisol, a fat storing hormone. If you can't live without your morning latte, drink only after a nibble of healthy fats- it stabilizes your blood sugar levels.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Lung cancer, to smoke or not to smoke.

Lung cancer is one of the leading cause of death out of so many cancers around it surpasses colon and breast cancer. It is usually seen people ages 60 to 70. There are 2 types of cancer the benign and the malignant. In lung cancer malignant is higher compared to benign. Here are the following causes:

1. Leading the list are those smokers. It is the highest percentage than other causes. It is 10 times diagnosed to smokers than non-smokers. The longer the person smokes the higher the risk of having lung cancer it is because of the Tar in tobaccos and cigarettes.

2. People who work in mining like arsenic, chromium, iron oxides and coal dust.

3. People who live in the city than those who live in the country side, provinces or anywhere outside the city. It's very obvious it's because of the air pollution from cars, factories etc.

What are the symptoms?
In the early stage of cancer, you barely see any symptoms, that's why when the time it's diagnosed it is already in the advance stage. the most common symptom is
  • having a cough that just don't leave even if antibiotics are already taken. When having some doubts about your cough you should see a doctor immediately. Especially, If it's been weeks or even months( with or without phlegm) and
  • if your weight dropped rapidly,
  • sudden lost of appetite and
  • coughing out streaks of blood.
Then this means you have to see a doctor right away. Now smoking may feel really good when you're still young but how about when you get old? Remember: prevention is always better than cure
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Longevity: live longer

{{en}}Green tea leaves steeping in an uncovere...Image via Wikipedia
Healthy food and exercise? People are doing anything just to look young feel young or just to extend their live. There are three things you shouldn't take for granted and you never know it might just add up more years to your life without actually knowing it.

1.Drink tea for a longer life-Green tea has long been touted for its high levels of antioxidants and other healthy nutrients; now a large study shows that drinking a couple of cups of the beverage daily might actually extend your life. Researchers tracked some 40,000 Japanese men and women for up to 11 years and found out that those who drank warm green tea daily had lower death rates than those who didn't.

2. Work out, stay sharp. - Exercise not only keeps your body trim , It can also keep your brain young. Starting in your 40's mental functioning naturally drops off, making it harder to remember phone numbers, for example, or to multi task. But aerobic exercise for three hours a week can slow the decline.

3. Think positive- Everybody has different problems and worries that make us think think and think not knowing that we are actually stressing ourselves, Try to think positive in everything you do. be happy! Healthy body can never be healthy without healthy mind.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oral cancer: Lip cancer

Cancer of the lips usually strikes men around 50 and above. The symptoms of this cancer are usually taken for granted like:
  • blisters
  • or wounds that easily bleeds if the lips get irritated.
  • ulceration
The main reasons of having cancer of the lips are over exposure under the sun and too much smoking. The treatment of this cancer is not that hard. The percentage of the patients getting cured is very high. The treatment is easy because of the location of the cancer. It is still advisable that if the symptoms are already visible, People shouldn't take this for granted and see a doctor immediately.

This cancer are usually treated through an operation where the cancer is located. Radiation therapy is used as an alternative surgery. This cancer can be prevented by not staying under the sun for a long period of time. try to avoid using pipe, or just stop smoking. Remember, even if this is curable or easily treated, early detection is still important. Prevention is still better than cure.
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Cervical cancer: chances of survival

Cervix cancer can be seen in the neck of the uterus and it's extended up to the vagina. This cancer is 100 % curable if diagnosed earlier or of it still at the early stages and i mean very early stages.
The symptoms of cervix cancer are the following:

  • Vaginal spotting or bleeding in between menstrual period.
  • Bleeding after a sexual intercourse
  • Abnormal flow of menstruation
There are no visible symptoms if it's still in a very early stage. Based on research studies, It's been seen that there is a relation between Herpes simplex 2 or genital herpes with cervix cancer. Woman who usually diagnosed with this kind of cancer are :
  • women who belongs to low socio economic status and the possibility that they we're once very sexually active in their younger years.
  • Women who had many sexual partners are also prone to this cancer.
  • Those who had many children.
  • And those who have uncircumcised husband.
If this cancer are diagnosed early. It can be 100% curable. But if the cancer is already confined in the cervix, there'll be 70 % to 90% chances of survival 5 years after the treatment. If the surrounded tissues are already invaded by cancer, There'll be 40 % to 60 % chances of survival 5 years after the treatment. If the cancer is already in the bladder and rectum, there'll be 20% chances of survival. If it spread in lymph nodes. The survival percentage will decrease.
Is cervix cancer contagious? No. There are two modes of therapy for the treatment of this cancer:

  1. Surgical removal of cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and the lymph nodes around it. The ovaries can be remove. It really doesn't depends on the age and the extent of the cancer.
  2. Radiation therapy. It can be the special x- ray machine or radioactive implants.

These two treatments are highly recommended. Annual pap smear is the best thing to do for early detection.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pain killers, natural alternative.

Looking for pain killers? Pain by word itself is one of the hardest fact in our lives. However, it doesn't mean that people will just bear everything in silence. Especially if the pain doesn't need any expensive/addictive medications at all.

Pain can actually affect the quality of our lives, A lot of people are already used to grab any pain killers whenever they're in pain, There are foods that can actually reduce the burden of pain. Adding natural foods in your daily diet to reduce pain is one good way. Here are the lists of natural pain killers that you ought to know.

1. Peanuts- Peanuts are a good source of trytophan , it lessen the pain sensitivity of your body in one hour of consumption. There are wide varieties of food that are high in trytophan such as sunflower seeds, dairy products, whole grains, dried beans, lentils, seafood and rice.

2. Cabbage- And all its cousins in the cruciferous vegetable family can give a lot of antioxidants, That naturally reduces pain by making muscles, joints and other bodily tissues healthy and strong.It maintains its good condition. For example, An additional cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts in your meals won't hurt.

3. Grapes- Is high source of resveratrol a well known substance that is popular in preventing heart diseases. It also prevents pain-causing COX-2 enzyme(an enzyme responsible for inflammation and pain). Which is just like the over-the-counter drugs.

4. Green tea - Based on experts, a daily intake of green tea is good for the health. It has antioxidants and other pain fighting compounds. It reduces the tingling and aches of our nerves.

5. Omega-3 acids- This can be found in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel or sardines. It reduces inflammation that causes pain. You now have a reason to eat fish.

6. Orange- Orange is like included in every healthy lists, here's another reason. Orange can provide beta-cryptoxanthin. A powerful natural pain reliever. This potent chemical can also be found in apricot, nectarines, tangerines, peaches, plum and watermelon.

7. Herbs - It plays an important role in reducing pain. The best herbs are: Basil, cayenne, cloves, licorice, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary thyme and turmeric.

These lists are not medicine they are supplements. So before taking your pain killers try to add these alternatives to your daily meal.

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Banana : health benefits you don't know part 2

From the first part that i wrote about the benefits of bananas, It was proven that regular consumption of bananas, can give us enough energy. This can prevent us from different sickness and health conditions that are included in the following:

1. Insect bites- before you grab an insect bite cream. try to apply a banana peel to the affected area. Based on research, Banana peel can actually prevent from being swollen and irritation.

2. Overweight - People who hardly moves, especially in their type of work.
Like sitting for 8 hours. This may cause overweight combined with uncontrolled food cravings.
People should control their blood sugar by eating carbohydrate foods every two hours too maintain the proper level. And this can happen by taking bananas daily.

3. Temperature control - Many different culture states that banana is a "cooling fruit" that reduce both physical and emotional temperature of those who are pregnant.

4. Ulcer - Bananas is used as a dietary food against intestinal disorder from ts smooth texture. This is the only yellow fruit that wont let anyone suffer from cases of over-chronicler . It neutralizes over-acidity and it lessen the irritation beacuse of proper ling inside our tummy.

5. Morning sickness- Eating bananas in between meals can maintain right sugar levels that prevents morning sickness.

6. Maintains good condition of nerves.- Bananas are high source of B vitamins that soothes our nervous system.

Eating bananas are not just for delicious treat. It has different benefits that makes bananas a winner!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

how to lose weight immediately

ever felt that you want to lose weight, but don't know where to begin? Drop 5 lbs immediately with this steps. here's a a good start.
Begin with your daily habits. whats next? change it! here are 5 tips and tricks to try. and who knows, after a week or two you'll find yourself lighter.

1. Isn't popcorn always healthy? the answer is nope!. Even with the same brand, there can be a big calorie difference in microwave popcorns:

2 cups of flavorite theater style extra butter = 5 cups flavorite lite butter style popcorn

2. Chew on this s-l-o-w-l-y. If you always rush through meals. watch out. A study from University of Rhode Island showed that women who raced through a pasta lunch in nine minutes ate 646 calories. Those who took their time( about half an hour) consumed almost 70 fewer calories. And not only did they eat less- they felt fuller.

3. 24 calorie treat. If you're craving sugar, don't grab a candy. Avoid storing chocolates or ice cream in your fridge. try an almond stacked on top of a dried apricot- I taste like a cookie. but less the calories.

4. Drink water, lose weight. you've heard it again and again - h20 at zero calories, is the best diet drink in the planet. But if you're hooked on high-calorie beverages, you may want to check out this numbers: Researchers who tracked 240 over weight women found out that those who replaced sweetened drinks with water lost five more pounds on average, than those who didn't. Why these sips add up: A can of coke is 146 calories; A cup of grape juice 154 calories

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Banana : health benefits you don't know

An expert shared his knowledge about the benefits of bananas, These are not the commonly known benefits of bananas. We all know that bananas contains vitamin potassium that make our body healthy and strong, and what else?!!

Based on research studies it was proven that regular consumption of banana can give enough energy. That's why many athletes take bananas as part of they're daily habits. It can also prevent sickness. The following are the list of ailments and health conditions that are reduced or even prevent by taking banana in a regular basis:

1. Depression - Don't be sad now, bananas are on their way. Based on a recent survey. Bananas have trytophan. A type of protein that promotes the production of serotonin in our bodies that calms and relaxes our bodies. It enhances good mood which is a simple way to be healthy and be happy.

2. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Vitamin B6 that can also be found in bananas. assists by controlling your mood as well as your behavior. It maintain normal blood glucose levels that affects our moods.

3. Anemia- Bananas are good source of iron, which is good for the production of hemoglobin in our blood. Allows blood to carry and release oxygen that helps in anemia cases.

4. Blood Pressure - A unique tropical fruit banana, That is high in potassium but low in salt. Which is excellent to fight the risk of blood pressure. Bananas reduces the danger of blood pressure and stroke.

5. Constipation- Bananas are rich in fiber, that helps us to have normal bowel action. Thus, cleanses and remove toxins away from our bodies. A perfect solution for weight conscious people.

6. Hangover- The easiest way to remove hangover is to drink a banana milkshake. A simple shake that you can do. just add honey and milk. Bananas combined with honey calms stomach. it happens because of forced blood sugar levels. while milk can actually rehydrate our body system.

7. Heart burn- Bananas can releases natural effects of antacid in our bodies. That soothes heartburn.

Now, regular intake of bananas each meal, can boost our brain power. Based on research studies bananas who are high in potassium triggers the energy to be alert. Helping us to be more productive not only physically but mentally.

So does monkeys knows best? i don't think so. So eat your banana and be healthy!

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Life extension: 4 simple techniques to add more birthdays!

There are so many ways to make our lives longer, or extend our lives. A lot of people are taking so many food supplements and vitamins believing it will extend their lives. There is nothing wrong with food supplements and stuff like that. There are just some things/ food that are often taken for granted, and they are the ones who are helpful to us.

At the moment billions of people are still hoping for longevity. Experts said that this is not impossible. Especially if it will be combined with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. This is an important key and it could be better with the addition of:

1. Eat fish - Countries like Italy, Greece, Israel, France and Spain are the leading countries that has longer life span.Their biggest secret lies in the consumption of complete meal rich with whole grains, olive oil, fresh vegetables and fish that are irresistibly delicious. eating fish can :
  • helps form red blood cells
  • maintains nerve and gastrointestinal tissues
and of course fish has essential fatty acids or EFA that are found in fish oils. A very popular Omega 3 can help us reduce heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and others. so no wonder some fish are close to our hearts.

2. Know the latest - Watch news, read the latest magazines, wear new clothes, surf the internet.
keep yourself updated. Some people says that the news nowadays can give us heart attacks instantly. but of course you have to know more than that. If you keep your self updated to almost anything. It can actually make your brain younger.

3. Laugh - of yes we all know that laughter is the best medicine,( do we always laugh?) but sometimes people forget to laugh, we tend to be serious most of the time. When there are so many problems. Most of the people take things so serious that they get depressed, pressured and unhappy. be happy. watch Comedy shows/movies. laugh with your children. Make fun of yourself every now and then. Remember feeling young can actually make us look young. Extend your lives, laugh!

4. Drink and drink more. Drinking more water, coffee, tea and wine ( in a well balanced way) Can give you benefits especially when you take the enough amounts, again.. enough amounts. Wine and tea prevents heart diseases and certain cancers. While coffee makes diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Kidney stones and liver diseases maintain it's normal condition. Prevents it from getting worst. always remember! Right amounts only! Again.. Prevention is always better than cure.

Stay happy!

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Breast Cancer: signs and treatment

A frequently asked question about breast cancers are the following: What age does a breast cancer be diagnosed to woman? What are the signs and symptoms of it? Can it be treated?

Breast cancer is one of the leading cancer that strikes women aside form cervix cancer. This is not frequently diagnosed to women aged 29 below. It usually women aged 35 above that shows signs of breast cancer. Most of the time cancer like this almost had no symptoms. There is a high percentage that a woman can have breast cancer in the future, if she belongs to a family that has a history of cancer, especially from the first degree like her mother or auntie, sister or first cousins.

The possibilities of malignancy is very high for women who have been diagnosed on her other breast or if her family has a history of this kind. Or woman who already had breast cancer. If your suspecting that you may have breast cancer, you must see these signs and findings:

  • If you can feel any lump in your breast that is unclear of the shape and it seems like a small crab size.
  • if you can feel any lump in your armpits.
  • If there are changes in the appearance of your nipple
  • If your breast is swollen and your skin look like orange skin

Physical examination of the breast is one way to find breast cancer. But even if you have one or more of these signs, it still doesn't mean you have breast cancer. Remember that most breast lumps turn out to be benign (not cancerous). So no need to worry so the best thing you can do right now is to see a doctor

Now, if the breast cancer is in the advance stage the moment it was diagnosed. A combination of operation and radiation is needed. Radiation therapy is use to kill those cancer cells that may still be left in the body after an operation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hepatitis B: symptoms and treatment

Because there is no effective medicine that will actually cure Hepatitis B. But instead an alternative supplemental vitamin is given to any patient oh Hepatitis B like essentiale and Jetefar for the affected liver and the rest of the medicine given are just for calming the body of the Hepa B. patient.

the symptoms and signs that a person has Hepatitis b are the following:

* yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes
* Diarrhea or vomiting
* Pain in joints ,muscles, or even stomach
* Tiredness
* Loss of appetite

For example if the affected person is suffering from headaches. He will be given analgesic, and if he has a fever he will be advised to take paracetamol. Eating sweets like fruits, candies, chocolates can help, and avoiding too much fatty foods is also advisable. fatty foods is really bad for swollen liver. Foods like milk, eggs,soy milk, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, lean meat are good source of protein. Carbohydrates and Protein rich foods are also essential nutrients for Hepa B. patients.

In time, the level of virus will decrease, and the affected person will recover. And the health will be back to normal. Prevention is always better than cure so make sure that everybody in the family is vaccinated.It is usually given in three shot series, but the good thing about this is you;ll never get infected or have hepatitis b ever.

Also try to avoid to do things that may lead to Hepatitis B. such as unprotected sex, as well as things that might have someone else's blood on them, such as a razors or toothbrush. by doing this. You will be sure that the virus will never get you.

Dry hair no more. Secrets revealed

Short hair or long hair. A healthy and glowing skin would be complete with a healthy and shiny hair.In order to have a satisfying and well conditioned hair. one secret revealed for us to prevent dry and damaged hair. Through this process it will help the hair to be well hydrated.

This is with the help of olive oil. Yes, olive oil. Staying too long under the sun can leave hair very dry and brittle with a lot of split ends.This were olive oil can help replenish lost moisture. Olive oil has essential fatty acids. These fatty acids comes from every coat of olive. It leaves hair soft, manageable and glossy.

One simple way of achieving this goal is to have an olive-oil hair mask. Here's a simple recipe for a homemade olive-oil hair mask. Mix 1 egg yolk, one cup coconut milk. One crushed avocado( you can also use avocado puree for a much smoother mixture) and 2 tables spoon of olive oil. Mix egg yolk and the coconut milk wait until rich and foamy. followed by the avocado fruit. mix them together until creamy. Finally, add the olive oil. You are now ready to use your olive-oil hair mask.

First, apply the mixture to your hair from root to tip. Leave it up to 15 minutes.You can cover your head if you want, this will quickly absorb the mixture.After 15 minutes, rinse well with warm water.. Then you can rinse it again with tap water. You will immediately see the big difference you can do this twice a week to maintain the softness of your hair.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Foods for the immune system

Our immune system is responsible in making our bodies healthy and strong. From the common cold to the worst cancer. That's why taking care of it is the key to a healthy body. Experts said that there are a lot of food that can actually boost the immune system. and here are some of it that made the list:

1. Pumpkin/squash seeds

Pumpkins are not only great for Halloween, but for the whole year round. It has Zinc.
Zinc actually prevents us from experiencing colds for a long period of time. Its stops the cold from getting worst. Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper. try to eat pumpkin seeds. It even taste good.However pumpkin seeds don't stop there - the tasty little seeds are also a rich source of protein and the essential fatty acid omega-3.

2. Orange.

This fruit is very well known for having Vitamin c. An antioxidant that helps the immune system to fight every illness waiting around. Vitamin C can also be found in bell peppers, strawberries, pomelo and broccoli. 400 milligrams of vitamin c 3 times a day is OK. It also has Vitamin a that:
  • helps bone and tooth development
  • promotes good night vision
  • maintains healthy skin and membranes


Unpasteurized yogurt is even better. lactobacillus acidophilus - a healthy bacterium that prevents any fungus related infections. 20 milligrams of acidophillus supplement everyday is advised. It also has Riboflavin which is necessary for the release of energy from foods and healthy membranes and skin.Yogurt can be given to children as part of a weaning diet, included in packed lunches, used in the cooking of sweet and savoury dishes or just as a quick nutritious snack.

4. Tea- all types of teas has flavonoids a powerful vitamin that tremendously slows down the aging process of our immune system.the flavonoids in tea can act to inhibit the development of precancerous lesions and cancers in many tissues, including bladder,breast, intestine, liver, lung, mouth, pancreas, and skin, in animal studies and human cell lines. you can also get flavonids from onions, oats,brocolli, tomatoes, apples and berries. tea appears to help support the liver's function in detoxifying the blood, including the elimination of cancer-causing compounds.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

birth control pill: getting pregnant

Half-used blister pack of Levlen®EDImage via Wikipedia

Looking for effective birth control pills? Or you are just one of many people who still are in doubt with birth control pills? There is no truth behind the belief that a woman will have a hard time getting pregnant if she's been a pill user for years. Once a woman stop taking pills her fertility is back to normal cycle. Maybe some people are just having a hard time to conceive. It really depends on how quickly your body reacts and If you are trying at the right time of your cycle.

An oral contraceptive pills is one of the most effective way of contraception. Some say that taking pills for a long time can cause the following:

  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • blood clot in circulation
  • migraine
  • liver problems

Pap smear is only for the cervix. It doesn't have the ability to know if a woman is incapable of getting pregnant. Pap smear is a test wherein a they get a sample inside the cervix. Here you can detect if a woman has an infection or if there's a tumor starting to grow inside the cervix.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

health drink: beer and milkshakes?

Beer and milkshakes? Based on research studies, even the most delicious drinks such as milkshakes, red wine and beer has good health benefits. Such as preventing certain cancers, strengthening the immune system and give us that healthy glow. And there's a lot more in the lists, grab a glass and try it.

1. Tomato juice- It reduces the bad cholesterol in our body. Based on research, Volunteer drinkers who took 13 1/2 ounces of it with 1 serving of ketchup everyday, dropped 13% of LDL cholesterol, in just 3 weeks.This is based from a research studies of Finland University of Oulu. Scientific researchers said that combinations of antioxidants form tomatoes, including Lycopene, beta carotene and gamma-carotene is one way of lowering cholesterol.

2. Lemonade- A glass of lemonade can prevents us from having cancer of the mouth, and larynx. Antioxidants from citrus fruits. Lemons, limes and oranges lessen the production of enzymes that can cause tumor and strengthens the immune system.

3. Red wine- Researcher Tony Brook of University of New York compared the drinking habits of red and white wine drinks and discovered something different. 68 % of people that has no cancer belongs to the red wine drinkers. Red and white wine differs in many things. Red wine has more resveratrol - a natural compound that is known to have cancer-fighting powers.

4. Green tea- Green tea definitely reduces the risk of certain cancers. It fights bad cholesterol and infections. Studies says that it also prevents Parkinson's disease. The central nervous system disorder that has no proven cure.

5. Milk shakes- Whenever you drink milkshakes, it makes you think that you're still young. It is rich in Vitamin D because it's dairy based, that slows down the aging process and reduce swelling. American and British researchers found out that women who are milk shake drinkers are biologically younger than non drinkers with the same age.

6. Beer- you heard it right. This drink helps us from getting Alzheimer's. Beer is rich in Silicon. An element that fights neurotoxins that cause Alzheimer's. It also helps us avoid osteoporosis, It's surprising to know that silicon in beer is much better than calcium, Making our bones stronger and healthier. Based on research studies, It was proven that a glass of beer a day is enough. Do not exceed from the said amount, we all know what can happen to us with too much beer. Be smart when drinking.

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