Thursday, November 27, 2008

Evil boss = Heart Disease

I just want to share something that i think a lot of people would benefit. Especially those who are working. Few years ago, I worked with an International company that i really, really like, but there is just one problem...... my boss. Well, at first i thought it was just me, but then i found out that almost everyone i know in the company are all planning to leave because of our boss.

I've been stressed and yes i quit. but i still consider it as a great experience, but did you know that Those kind of bosses may increase the risk of heart disease of their subordinates.

I got this news that a team from Sweden have found a link between bad leadership and the risk of heart related diseases and heart attacks among (3,000) employed men.

Study shows that the effect may be cumulative - the risk went up the longer an employee worked for the same environment, same company and same boss.

This research study was published in occupational and environmental medicine.

Stressful environment

Experts said that the feeling of not valued and unsupported at work can cause a lot of stress, which often encouraged unhealthy behaviors, such as lack of sleep, smoking, drinking etc that can lead to heart disease.

Their studies has also shown that unfair bosses can drive up their employees' blood pressure, and persistent high blood pressure can increase heart disease risk.

It just shows that having a good working relationship with your manager may help to protect you against heart disease..

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't forget your annual check up.

Just last Saturday i went out to bring my mom to her doctor. She doesn't like to do annual check up, because she believes that you only visit your doctor if you feel something strange or your not feeling well.(So wrong) I always tell her, Its' not about that. It's more than that. I explained to her that if there's something wrong with her health it's like a given early opportunity to address her problems. So what should be checked to maintain good health?

So compute your body mass index to see if you are still within your ideal body weight.Being overweight as a young adult or even as a child will soon catch up with you in the form of many chronic conditions as you grow older.

Have your blood pressure taken. Many have access to a clinic at their workplace or even at a local health center. Hypertension maybe detected this early, and elevated BP may be even lead to the discovery of other conditions such as kidney disease.

Eye examinations should also be performed every year. This may diagnose certain eye conditions that need medical attention. You may also find an explanation for the frequent headaches you may have been having- an error of refraction. Why suffer for a long a time when just a pair of corrective lenses can dramatically improve your quality of life.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Guilty chocolate lovers?

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Who wouldn't want it? a lot of people just can't resist even the smell of it. I am one of those people who is guilty of this but, i just got this news about how a simple brisk walk could reduce chocolate cravings.

Most of us know the benefits of different exercises and how it help people to manage their lifestyle especially those smokers and those who've been to different drugs. The researchers now has shown that this concept may be true for different food cravings.

In London, Researchers held a study for three days of abstinence, They asked 25 people who are chocolate fanatics to have a 15- minute of brisk walk or rest. A professor in Exeter University, Adrian Taylor tells that they were having a study how physical activities reduces cigarette cravings and this study is the first one that has linked exercise to lessen your chocolate cravings.

They all engaged those chocolate lovers to tasks that would normally induce their chocolate cravings. All participants who exercise showed a much lower chocolate cravings compared to those who just rest.

And guess what ladies this study showed that 97% of women experienced those cravings compared to men whose only 68%. Chocolate has active constituents that enhance our moods, that's why it may help us to relax, especially when were stressed. But eating chocolate might turn into habit. So you may want to take a brisk walk before you grab a chocolate.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brain Exercise. Squeeze your head.

Brain exercise or mind exercise, what do we get from it? Last time, i gave you the foods that will help you increase your memory. Now, I'm here to share to you on how you can help your brain. Don't forget that not only our body needs exercise, our mind as well.

When i was in high school(third year to be exact) My math teacher never forgets to give us some mind exercise before we start our class. I hate it at first, but as weeks passed by. Me and my classmates began to enjoy it. Mind exercise not only helps you in your memory but it also helps in retaining mental capacity. It helps us to stay sharp as we age. And you never know it might also help to prevent age-related mental or memory problem such as dementia.

Here are some mind exercises that you can do anywhere.

  • Try to switch your wrist watch to your other arm, for example your watch is always on your right arm. Wear it on your left arm for a change. The next time you check the time. You might still be looking on your right arm.
  • Recite the alphabet backwards.
  • Try to remember the lyrics of an old song
  • play sudoku
  • Look at your enemies point of view. Ask yourself and answer.
  • Name all the movies you hate/like/
  • If your driving try to explore new ways.
  • Memorize your credit card number.

There are still so many ways to exercise our mind. So the next time you found yourself in a traffic. Stay cool and exercise your mind.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brain food? Take the B Vitamins.

Brazil nuts after shell removalImage via WikipediaMemory loss, Memory gap, Are just some of the things that happens to us as we age. But you don't need to grow old to wait for these things to happen to you. Why don't you do something for yourself while you were young. I have given some tips on my previous posts about how you can improve your memory. But what is the specific vitamin food that helps boost your memory?

Vitamin B Complex can actually boost your brain and enhance the power of your memory. You should try to eat Vitamin b-rich foods. And try to stay away from foods that may reduce or lower the Vitamin b complex. Here are the list of foods that are rich in Vitamin B.

whole grains,
yeast, meat, low-fat dairy products,
Brazil nuts
lentils and leafy greens.

Oh and beer too. Yes, you heard it right, but it doesn't mean that you have to reason this to drink more beer. eat right and balance your diet.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bananas and breads for stomach pain?

All of us may have already suffered from stomach pain or the burning feeling. This discomfort on the upper part of the abdomen is called gastritis. This is usually caused by stress, excessive alcohol and caffeine, too much smoking and others.There are medicines that you can easily take in this kind of situation, but did you know that there are ways to prevent this burning feeling? that you may want to try just in case the medicine cabinet is out of reach?

1. Try to always eat on time. And or those small frequent meals. For example, eat breakfast around 7am in the morning, Try to eat banana around 10am. Eat lunch but not too much. Try to eat bread around 4 pm. Eat dinner by 7pm . Even if you are the busiest person in the world, Don't forget to take care of your tummy and eat on time.

2. Drink water.. but not to the point that you drown yourself. Water plays a good role in cleaning our stomach. You could try to drink just enough water every 20 minutes.

3. Banana is like the best fruit for me. And in this kind of situation bananas and breads could also help you. Aside from its convenience( you could easily bring bananas anywhere). It solves your hunger and it won't mess with your tummy.

4. Avoid spicy food. Such as chili peppers, vinegar, and even pure pineapple juice and frozen drinks might also irritate your stomach. Before you grab some medicine try to eat some food that can help calm your tummy. Like bananas, breads, veggies. And while eating try to relax yourself as well. And of course if symptoms persist you gotta see your doctor.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why diet and exercise won't work for some people.

Diet and exercise doesn't work for most people? because maybe their not doing it right. as simple as that. That's why most people feel frustrated whenever they didn't meet their weight goals. or they're weight fluctuate. There are times that you may want to ask a professional to give you some ideas and advices if your own diet just won't work for you. But you might ask, My friend lose weight on her own? I can do it to right?

Well, my brother lost a lot of weight on his own too, why? because he's doing it the right way.

So what maybe the reasons why some diet and exercise wont' work for you.

You may not have a good plan. and or your diet is not balance with your level of

You might be eating more than you think. You consume more saturated fats.

You forgot about portion sizes.

You don't have proper balance of carbs, proteins and fats. you can't lose weight if your undernourished.

a little discipline wont hurt, but you don't have to kill yourself. Enjoy your diet and exercise and don't think of it as a burden.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

My first award ever.

I am very surprised to have this award. Thank you very much Heidi from the Health Nut Wannabee Mom for passing this award to me, You should go and check her very interesting and informative blog. This is the first time i received an award like this. And one of the hardest part of having this award is to choose from so many good blogs around. But i have to have a list so here are the blogs that i chose that are all worth visiting. you should check them out

Tracy of Vacation Planning
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Your Health Assistant
Cherryfe of Big Girls Don't Dry
Jody of the JodyDonnelly
Carnation of Sweet Carnation

Rules if you choose to participate

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog

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