Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Simple dishes for weight loss

converting to a whole new diet, will aid you in your weight-loss. This means cutting down on sugars and processed foods and drinking water instead of the usual canned beverages, Also always choose brown over white. This means eating brown rice,whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat bread.

When craving for pasta, stay away from creamy sauces and opt for light tomato-based sauce or aglio olio (olive oil and garlic based)Add chopped vegetables. mushrooms, and sprinkle some herbs, fresh if possible. Herbs add flavor to dishes without adding extra calories.

Salads are also easy to make aside from being a healthy dish. Just add cooked chicken breast meat. tomatoes and cucumbers to a lettuce and you instantly have a filling lunch. Eat with simple balsamic vinaigrette, by mixing together olive oil and balsamic vinegar or if you want a creamier dressing, use low fat yogurt or sour cream as a base and season with some mustard, salt, pepper, and dried herbs.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Liver Disease information that you need to know. part 1

Liver disease is actually not just one single condition but a collection of many different diseases that can affect the liver, The liver is a large and a very important organ, located in the abdomen, specifically the right and upper part of the abdomen.

the liver has a number of very important responsibilities for the body. Some of them are indigestion, and breaking down poisonous toxins in the body and breaking down blood products, also clotting of the blood and in glucose metabolism. so as you cann imagine if something goes wrong with the liver there is a number of problems or symptoms that you may had.

These are some of the conditions that can cause liver diseases. 1. Hepatitis- is when the cell of the liver become inflamed and are not properly functioning, many things can cause hepatitis., the most common are different types of viruses, there's hepatitis a. Usually it comes from contaminated food or water, and is usually not life threatening. And usually gets better after a few weeks or a few months, Other more serious hepatitis, are hepatitis B, C, D and E, these are all cause by different kinds of viruses, some of them are more treatable than the others. Some of them like Hepatitis B can be completely prevented if you received a vaccine. against Hepatitis b.

Other liver disease are Cirrhosis, It is when the liver begins to decline and it's function and also it's architectural structure from chronic inflammation, This is usually caused by excessive alcohol consumption over a long period of time, and sometimes by other chronic infections.

Other problems or diseased that can occur with the liver is when you have the liver cancer. there's primary and there's secondary liver cancer. Primary liver cancer is when you actually have a cancer, that arises from cell of the liver, Secondary liver cancer is when cells from a different cancer in a different part of the body metastasized or moved in to the liver.

You can also have acute liver failure, can be caused by different metabolic problems that are happening in the body or toxins that poisoned the liver and cause it to fail. you ca also have autoimmune disorders, that affects the liver.

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