Monday, September 29, 2008

Healthy food: Frozen berries?

Talking about Healthy foods. My daughter loves cherries and i knew it's healthy, but there's more nutrients behind those sweet berries. All the "berry" fruits such as cherry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry all have anti-inflammatory compounds that reduces cell damage. we know that cell damage may lead to cancer.

Raspberries. Raspberries are high in fiber. The production of fiber is actually higher compare to other berries. It is rich in Ellagic acid and Selenium. Both helps our body to prevent and protects it from cancer. Based on research studies, Raspberry or raspberry extract may actually reduce the risk of oral and liver cancer cells. Of course it still depends on your daily consumption.

A cup of raspberries, 2 to 3 times a week will be good enough for your body.Even cherries and cherry juice are healthy too they also contain ellagic acid like those in raspberries.

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C, Folate, Fiber and anti-oxidants which are all good for the immune system.

Blueberries are very known for so many health benefits such as reducing the bad cholesterol in our body,thus preventing strokes and other heart problems. Very high in Anti-oxidants which is very much known to neutralize free radicals that leads to cancer and other diseases.

Now i know why my mother-in-law always tell me not display my fruits on the table. Especially, if it's not going to be eaten yet, She used to tell me to leave my fruits in the fridge, Frozen berries or other fruits has small amount of water that makes the fruit high in concentration of protective compounds compared to those fresh fruits.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Breastfeeding: Mommy for rent in China

Breastfeeding an infantImage via WikipediaAs a breastfeeding mom, this is something that really caught my attention and i want to share it to you.
While others are busy on how to solve the milk problems in Different countries, One woman in China has took advantage of this situation and thought of an alternative way to earn money.

A lot of moms in China are having the same problems with their babies' milk. But for Huang, 32 years old from Chengdu, China. This is not her problem because she breastfeed her 3 month-old baby boy.She said that her milk is more than enough for his baby.

So her thought that she can produce more milk and give it to other babies began, But it's not for free. You got to have at least 300 Yuan or $44 to avail her milk/per day. Huang and his husband agreed to let the customers rent one bedroom in their house or rent a room near their house. SO that Huang wouldn't have a hard time transferring from babies to babies.

She said that the parents don't need to worry about her health, or any health problems that might be passed from her to the babies, She is willing to have a check up/ over all examination before she give her service. With the help of her niece, They post an ad over the Internet and business is booming.

Everyday she managed to produce at least 2 kilos or 4.4lbs of milk, Aside From Huang, There are also many mothers who do the same thing in the city of Shenzhen. This Job can earn 18,000 Yuan a month. And their Government has nothing against this kind of business.

I must say that breastfeeding is really the best for your babies and other people's babies. If this kind of job can help other people, Why not. I just thought that this kind of service should be free, but i know how it feels to breast feed, so maybe these moms are just thinking about the pain and the effort of breastfeeding that's why they ask for money but i just hope that it wont cost too much. At this kind of tragic problems we should be helping each other and not taking advantage, right?

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Acne and Diet.

Acne and diet, the great debate. Many people have acne problems that actually hinders to their day to day lives. Sometimes these acne problems has gone so far to the point that it lose someone's self esteem. Worry no more, Acne can actually be controlled or prevented by making some changes in your lifestyle.

Before, Science explains that there is no found connections with acne and diet or acne and sweets/oily foods. No direct relations that it has to do something with why pimples just keep on popping. But because there is no proof, this doesn't mean that you'll no longer get a healthy and a well-balanced diet.

Now, Recent studies have clearly found a significant connection between diet and acne.A healthy diet can prevent or even eliminate acne or pimples. That's why it's important to have a healthy diet regime for over all wellness and for your skin too.

Stress is one of the leading causes of acne. Vitamin B-2 is popular vitamin as an anti-depressant. So foods like whole grains, fish, egg, green leafy vegetables are all rivh in vitamin b2 that can prevent stress and eventually acne. Zinc supplements from eggs, wheat can prevent pimples from showing. They say that if you have a healthy diet you have a healthy skin, so if your eating too much unhealthy foods, it is shown on your skin.Vitamin b-3 helps in the proper circulation of our body, it reduces cholesterol and maintain good metabolism.

Sugar, carbohydrates and milk. oh yes milk. can produce too much hormones, that trigger the hyper-production of sebum oil resulting in more acne.

The debate whether acne has connection with diet or not, continues. However, It is still important that we maintain a healthy diet not only for our skin but for our over all wellness.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Uncontrolled blood pressure? Avoid salt.

High blood pressure? Reduce your salt intake.Based on research studies by the American Heart Association's 62 annual fall Conference of the Council for High Blood Pressure Research in Atlanta.

People who have 'uncontrolled' high blood pressure, even though they are taking different types of medicines to lower their blood pressure, Can now actually lower it more by making some little changes in their lives and that's to avoid salt intake. Or just reduce their salt in their daily diet.

" A high-salt diet contributes importantly to treatment-resistant hypertension (high blood pressure)". Said Dr. Eduardo Pimenta of Dante Pazanese Institue of Cardiology, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Pimenta with his group made a research on the effects of "restricted-salt diet" in a 24-hour readings that was taken through a recorder that was continuously worn by their subjects,in 13 adults who has 'treatment-resistant hypertension'

The study was made in 7 days, "we were expecting blood pressure reduction with low-salt diet but the reduction was larger than we expected" Said Pimenta.

It was confirmed in the said studies that diet with higher salt can cause bigger problems in the blood vessels and fluid retention in people although they're in diuretic therapy, said Pimenta

In the low-salt diet, it was shown that there was an obvious reduction in the body fluids of the subjects. Int his research, experts clearly shown the destructive effects of too much salt in our body and the the good benefits of low salt intake.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

High cholesterol? Best ways to lower cholesterol.

High cholesterol? Manage your cholesterol and live your life to the fullest.
People who are already in between 25 to 54 years old. Based on research studies, This is the age bracket wherein the highest cholesterol levels are found. Most of these people has 86% chances to develop Parkinson's disease in the next 18 years, compared to those who have low cholesterol and those who are just in the normal level.

Experts proved that there is no clear relations between cholesterol and Parkinson's Disease to people 55 years old and above.High cholesterol also increases the risk of heart problems and other diseases.

Of course the best ways to reduce high cholesterol are the following:

1. add oat bran, oatmeal, walnuts, almonds, fish and omega 3 fatty acids, and soy in your daily diet.

2. Reduce you fat intake.

3. Exercise, and more exercise. (Walking, running, cycling etc. Plan your exercise. Few minutes of daily exercise, reduce bad cholesterol.

4. Try not to eat read meat as much as possible.

5. Quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake, or better yet totally remove it from your habit.

6. Try to add garlic in your daily diet, my grandmother has been taking garlic pills and it really helped her a lot. You can easily get it over the counter. Just make sure you ask your doctor about it.

Prevention is always better than cure so help yourself, And you might add few more years to your life.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kidney cancer, symptoms and treatment.

Kidney cancer, is not contagious. In our country Philippines, Many people needs kidney transplant. And kidneys has been sold here for $2,200. But the demand is still high.

But what exactly causes kidney cancer? Now, Kidney is one of the most hard working organs in our body because it filters potential poisonous substances from blood. There's a great volume of blood that is filtered by kidneys in a matter of 4 to 5 minutes. They are as about the same size of a fist.

Symptoms of Kidney cancer:

Blood in the urine
hormonal changes
back pain and side pain

If the cancer is already in the advantage stages:

a lump or mass in the affected area/ abdomen
weight loss
easily get tired
easily get infections and anemia

The main cause of kidney is not yet clear, although one possible cause can be relate to pain-control drug phenacetin. And the risk are higher if they are cigarette smokers, overweight, Medical health conditions such as high blood pressure.

If Kidney cancer has been diagnosed and treated early, it has 50 % survival rate 10 years after the treatment. Survival rate is lower if the cancer has spread already in lymph nodes and renal vein.

Treatment are usually through removal of the whole kidney and the tissues that surrounds it, ureter and the major portion of renal vein. Radiation therapy are used to destroy cancer sells thare left. Radiation are done before the operation.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Milk, made in China.

Tainted milk from China is a serious matter.I bet most of you already got the news. We learned that several thousand babies in China are now seriously ill, Most of them have suffered acute kidney failure, with several fatalities, among those babies that are given the formula milk contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine. The number is far higher than was previously admitted by the Chinese authorities, according to the BBC.

The manufacturer, Sanlu, which is part-owned by New Zealand’s Fonterra Cooperative, had recalled all of its powdered milk products in Gansu, China. North-west province of China.

However, twenty-two more brands, including China Mengniu Diary Co and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, of milk powder have so far been identified to contain the industrial chemical melamine.

“The majority of afflicted infants ingested Sanlu-brand milk powder over a long period of time, their clinical symptoms showed up three to six months after ingesting the problematic products,” Health Minister Chen Zhu told Bloomberg Asia.

While, this news scares a lot of mothers in China., What exactly is melamine?

Melamine is an organic compounds, a base with chemical formula C3H6N6. Officially it is 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine in the IUPAC nomenclature system (CAS #108-78-1). It is has a molecular mass of just over 126, forms a white, crystalline powder, and is only slightly soluble in water.

It is used as a fire retardants, Melamine is used combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a very durable thermosetting plastic, and melamine foam, a polymeric cleaning product. The end products include countertops, dry erase boards, fabrics, glues, housewares and flame retardants.

Just imagine.. the chemical that is used to make our paper, tables, furniture and other stuffs, was found in milk?Milk for babies. This wasn't the first time melamine was reported. Remember when this chemical was found in dog food?

Sources: wikipedia, BBC, bloomberg asia

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Healthy foods and tips to improve memory

Brain teasers, exercise and a well-balanced diet are the key to boosting your brain power. You may have read this over and over again. But this is because it's true. All you need to do is to balance your everyday meal. and choose the right healthy foods. Learn how you can manage to deliver these foods onto your family's plate without the fuzz.

The following foods are the ones that are rich in amino acids, omega oils, vitamins and minerals that'll definitely helps to sharpen and boost your brain power. It is better to always make sure that you consume protein-rich foods in every meal. Protein-rich foods like:


Fishes. especially those whoa re found in the deepest part of the sea. Are the best fishes that has essential oils that are important in maintaining healthy cells of a person, and maintains it normal functions.

Other brain foods are the following:

bell peppers
black beans
sesame seeds
walnuts/peanuts and a lot more

If you'll notice most brain-power foods comes in very small packages. So never underestimate the power of nuts and beans.

No only these foods can give you brain power, A matching exercise will not hurt but will help your brain use its function to the fullest. Based on studies, physical activities encourages the brain to be more active and boosts nerve cells to multiply. Here are some tips and tricks to help sharpen your memory and get the most out of your brain power.

1. Watch game shows
2. Memorize your to-do list
3. Answer word puzzles and other word games such as sudoku.
4. Right speed of walking/ slow jogging/ biking/ swimming (increases brain memory up to 30%)
5. Get enough sleep.

These things are so easy and you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

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Probiotics, Its power and why you should take it?

At present, Probiotics are getting more attention everyday, It's uses, It's benefits and it's key to overall wellness of a person. Probiotics are live microorganisms with potentially therapeutic and clinically documented health benefits. The so called beneficial bacteria is living in digestive tract that is naturally in some foods.

It's still not so clear how probiotics did it, but based on studies it will help in preventing some diseases such as the following:

  • Tooth decay and gum disease. Based on Theory, Probiotics that are found in plain yogurt can maintain a healthy teeth and gums because it helps to regulate streptococcus mutans and porphyromonas gingivalis both are bacterium that causes tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Based on studies, It was shown that probiotics helps maintain healthy immune system and continously strenghten it. This can fight abnormal cells so that it won't affect normal cells.
  • protect against hostile bacteria to prevent infection
  • improve digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.

It helps in treatment and prevention of the following:

  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • vaginal infections
  • diarrhea
  • urinary tract infections
  • Crohn's disease
  • Ulcer
  • eczema in kids
  • infection of the digestive tract

There are some probiotics that offers unusual health benefits

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterum. Reduce allergic response from food while strengthen the immune system. It also reduce gastrointeritis immature digestion.

You can get probiotics in fermented cheese, soy milk, miso, buttermilk and fermented or cultured dairy products.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cookie diet in your diet plans?

I came across this box, while checking out some weight-loss products last Saturday at the mall. I have no plan of buying any weight-loss products,because I'm very much satisfied with my weight now. I just want to see this cookie that my sister is planning to try.

So, i have to do my homework and did my research on this.
The Hollywood cookie diet, they say, is the first delicious way to lose weight. You'll only need to take 4 cookies a day. One cookie each meal- breakfast,mid-morning(brunch,) lunch, and mid-afternoon snack.They say that it will actually help you to lose weight, without the bitter feeling of those other weight-loss products and it'll make you feel full.and after those 4 cookies, you have to follow it with a "sensible" dinner.

Each box has 4 individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies inside. It has 20 grams of fiber, 20 grams of protein, 13 of vitamins and minerals, zero trans-fat and based on the caloric restriction of meal replacement and portion control.

Even though the results varies in each individuals. Moderate physical activity or exercise can help you more in loosing weight while taking this cookie. Hollywood cookie diet can help you reach your desired weight, They say that you can eat as long as you want until you achieve the weight you've always wanted.

Now, I don't want to sound I'm promoting this kind of diet and i don't want to sound I'm against it. I still believe that even though this kind of diet may be effective. People should not rely on this solely. If you don't have a very hectic schedule like Hollywood actors do, It's still better to at least give your self a time for a little exercise and eat healthy foods..

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Health food, Noodles from seaweeds and vegetables.

Last time, i wrote about how popular Camel's milk now in UAE,. In the Philippines The government is now introducing veggie noodles. Through the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of Department of Science and Technology.

They developed different types of noodles that were made out of different vegetables, like squash,jute leaves and other green leafy vegetables, not to mention seaweeds too.
Vegetables are known to be very rich in vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, iodine, iron, protein and a lot more.

Noodles that are made of squash are pasta, instant noodles, and fresh miki or eggless noodles. Seaweeds and jute leaves were made as instant spaghetti, flat noodles and iodine-rich fresh miki.These noodles was first made for a feeding program to the less fortunate. Especially those who have Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD), Iodine Deficiency Disorder(IDD) and Protein Energy Malnutrition. This is just on time right now, While the price of flour(one main ingredient of noodles) is constantly increasing in the world market.

Based on FNRI 50-gram serving of squash noodles, can give 16 % of energy, 20% of protein and 24% of Vitamin A. Which is just enough for recommended Energy and Nutrient intake for children ages 4 to 6 years old. While noodles made of jute leaves can give us 15 % of energy, 18 % protein and 36% of Vitamin A. And seaweed(guso) noodles/ pasta can give us 12 % protein and 22 % of iodine. These may not be much, but it's better to eat veggie noodles than just the plain ones.

The color of squash noodles are bright yellow. While noodles from vegetables are all green. These noodles are firm and don't have unpleasant smell. and has a fine texture compare to those commercial noodles.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Health Drink, Camel's milk...Uh-oh!

This may sound a little unpleasant for some people. But for the residents and workers of United Arab Emirates, They like to eat ice cream....made from camel's milk. You heard it right.

Camel's milk is selling like hot cakes now in U.A.E. Instead of buying goat's milk. Most people In U.A.E. are now into camel's milk. Even chocolates that are made from camel's milk were a big hit.
A tribe of Bedouin i n Al Ain were groups of people that take camel's milk so that they can last more days in the dessert and withstand the heat. Because They say that this kind of milk is good against heat. Even though it may have a bad smell and unpleasant taste, more and more residents(in UAE) nowadays are drinking camel's milk.

Seedhara M.J. A production Manager of Al AinFarms for Livestock Dairy Productions(AAFLDP) said that Camel's milk wasn't consumed very often before, It was once only used for Diabetes. Because It is high in Insulin.Seedhara also mentioned that AAFLDP now produced ice cream and chocolates made from Pure Camel's milk.

Seedhara also said that

It is low in fat content. It only has 2 to 2.5 % only or 40% less cholesterol compare to cows milk.

High in Microbial protein-Lactoferin that strengthen the immune system

High in Vitamin C and Minerals

It also has moisturizing agent Elastin that helps reduce wrinkles, Strengthens teeth, hair and skin

Helps people with allergies and are lactose intolerance

Very rich in Calcium that makes bones stronger, Helps pregnant women and prevents osteoporosis

I love milk, most of us do. But, I don't think everyone would be into this. Even after you've heard about the benefits. I think i can try the chocolate ice cream, but i don't think I'm ready for the pure Camel's milk.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Healthy food to super food?

Experts gave the latest range of foods that they call super foods. This superfoods will be good to our health if consumed often. Because it prevents cancer, Heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Super foods are blueberries, salmon, walnuts, soy, yogurt, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, hot peppers and almonds. Most of these super foods are known to prevent illnesses. But it is still important to know that taking these foods will not cure or prevent diseases immediately. But well-balanced and planned meal with will be the key to a healthy body. So super foods or just your good old healthy foods, They both need balance diet

Here are some of the simple strategies to make those Healthy foods, super effective.

1. Make sure that half of the grains that you consume are whole grains. Whole grains are very popular in preventing heart diseases, Cancer, Gastro intestinal health, Diabetes and definitely good in weight management.

2. When choosing protein-rich foods try to choose lean protein sources like fish, chicken, low-fat beef, soy at legumes. It makes you feel full without the guilt, thus making you stick to your diet. But still getting the right amounts of protein.

3. Limit your sugar and salt intake, read the label. Reading labels will let you know if you just take the right amount of sugar/ salt or not.Try to make this a habit and it will help you in the future.

4.. Try to choose calcium-rich foods, like low-fat cheese, milk and yogurt.

5. Eat fruits, Fresh fruits. There is a big difference with fruit juices in carton boxes and instant fruit juices. You can drink these juices but try to limit and get used to eating fresh ones.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you are healthy. You got to plan and balance what you eat and make those health foods super effective so Happy eating!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prevent gingivitis, Have a healthy smile.

They say teeth is the most important part of you smile. But how about our gums? Do we take care of our gums whenever we brush are teeth? Does brushing alone can keep our gums healthy.When i was a kid i never thought that bleeding gums would lead to gingivitis. until my dentist told me. So at an early age. I already learned how to take care of my gums.

Most people who suffers from gum problems, are already suffering from gingivitis. There are so many popular ways on how you can actually prevent it. but i gathered for most effective steps of them all.

1. Brushing your teeth. Yes, i know you heard it before, but this is the first thing you shouldn't miss to so. brushing twice daily or more can prevent gingivitis. And dental flossing wouldn't hurt. So try to make it a habit to brush and floss. Food left in between teeth may not only cause cavities but may also cause bad breath.

2.Eat a well- balanced diet. Try to consume 500mg of Vitamin c and calcium, based on studies. Lack of nutritious food are more prone to Gingivitis.

3. Use a good mouth wash. Toothpaste doesn't kill all the germs in your mouth. better have a back up.

4. Massage your gums for few minutes. Before brushing your teeth, try to use the the soft bristles of tooth brush and try to massage your gums, but don't put too much pressure. or just simply massage your gums with the use of fingers. It will help the blood circulation in your gums.
Simple but effective techniques that prevent Gingivitis. I can see some happy smiles on their way.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weight-loss and antiaging foods.

Losing weight? Here are just few of the health foods that you might see in some weight-loss supplements,or you can see in anti-aging products. There's a lot of natural products nowadays, that claimed they can lose weight and or add more years to your lives. Here are some natural products that you might find interesting.

Aloe Vera - It is a natural cleanser for detoxifying the body system The main benefits that have been proven in medical studies are antioxidant and restoration, anti-inflammatory, . Other on going studies suggest that aloe vera is also beneficial to the heart and can destroy bacteria, Also use to enhance the skins appearance

Brindal Berry - Active ingredient is HCA has been known effectively block the body process of converting excessive carbohydrates into fat.hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a major component of Garcinia cambogia, also seemed to reduce appetite by raising the amount of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (a chemical that carries messages from nerve cells to other cells) that is thought to affect appetite control It creates a feeling of fullness and aids in Slimming and Trimming.

Green Tea Anti-oxidant substance popularly used for its anti-aging, rejuvenating and detoxification properties. It also helps stimulate the body to burn fat and calories.

Wheat grass -It detoxify heavy metals from the bloodstream. Promote general well-being.improve the digestive system.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eating healthy, Healthy foods on a tight budget!

Foods from plant sourcesImage via Wikipedia You have to get a variety of foods that include proteins, carbohydrates, beneficial fats, vitamins and don't forget the water! It is essential too.

1. You can get your protein from animal sources - (lean meats like chicken), vegetable sources - (beans, legumes, soy.) or you can get it from fish too.

2. Everyone needs Omega 3 essential fatty acids which you can get from fish like salmon, or you can buy ground flax seed (it has a nutty flavor) for less than $3 and spinkle it on cereal, salads or anything you like.

Here are some great, low cost meals to try:

  • soup (you can make enough for a few days) - you can start with vegetable stock and add leftover meats and veggies.
  • chili (you can make a big batch and freeze for later) - buy dried small red beans and soak overnight and put in some carrots and tomato paste and any other veggies you have. It's great and can be made with or without meat. You can even add tofu (cheap and very healthy.
  • fruit and vegetable salads -you can make a great meal with chili and salad and soup and salad.Try to get your fruits and vegetables from a local farmer's market - you can get some good prices and you will also be eating seasonally which will give you variety. You don't have to buy organic - just be aware that some fruits and vegetables in the supermarket have more pesticides than others, i.e, apples, green and red peppers, peaches, etc.High nutrient vegetables like sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and carrots can all be used in recipes that can be frozen.
Keep the trimmings from your salads and cook up with water to make a great vegetable stock for using in soups and gravies.
Casseroles also work well and can be frozen.

For carbohydrates try:

  • Whole grain bread, Starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots
  • Cereals (oatmeal is great and you can add half a banana and berries or any fruit that suits your taste buds.)

Always remember that the more processed the food the more expensive it usually is. Don't forget to use coupons from the paper and you can print some from the internet. Being healthy doesn't mean you have to spend a lot.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Fish, For firmer and glowing skin

fish in the seafood section in the Han Ah Reum...Image via Wikipedia Anybody can save a lot of money from buying expensive beauty products and creams. Just for us to get beautiful, smooth and glowing skin.
Now, It's still important for many of us to have a well-balanced diet. Aside from the creams and lotions that we apply to our skin. The many healthy fats, proteins, and a lot of fruits and vegetable consumption can help us improve the texture and the tone of our skin. But there are many nutritious food that can give you softer smoother skin.

But one food stands out.

Fish. Fatty fish like salmon tuna, cod, mackerel and other fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
This is good to our skin, because our body can produce natural lipids that we need. A simple addition of omega-3's in your daily diet can help you to make your skin firm, from the layers of the lipids that consume the moisture.

Being a whole food, these fish also have DMAE, which is excellent for protecting cellular membranes and improving your skin tone.Recommended sources of DMAE from fish are anchovies, sardines, and wild salmon. you will find that your skin is more supple and less prone to dryness. Just imagine if you'll try to add fish in your daily diet, not only you will have beautiful skin but it will also reduce certain diseases and heart attacks. And supple and glowing skin, needs not a lot of lotions. such savings! eat fish and be healthy and beautiful.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Breastfeeding: how to increase breast milk fast.

SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 4:  A man holds a Got...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Normally breast milk is increased by eating green and leafy vegetables but taking the right multivitamins can enhance milk reproduction more especially after taking birth.

I have talked to a lot of moms who used to have the same problem as i do. Not enough breast milk supply. But my OBgyne gave me Natalac. And i must say it really works, within just few hours after taking it. It is made by mallungay leaves or moringa. This is i think the most popular capsules here in our country(Philippines) that will surely increase your breast milk . And it's been around for so many years already.

Almost all the mothers i know have taken this capsules and achieve good results.
Natalac capsule is a natural health food supplement. It contains 250 mg (dry weight) of superior quality Moringa leaves rich in iron, Calcium and Phosporus. It is ideal for lactating mothers whose breast milk provides the best nourishment and most natural way of caring for infants. Generations of mothers have taken Moringa leaves cooked in a broth and taken liberally to promote milk secretion in mothers with inadequate lactation. This is usually taken 1 to twice a day for just 2 weeks or depends upon your doctor's prescription.

This is not available in some other countries but you could try to look for it on ebay. and there are a lot of moringa capsules available on the internet. Just make sure to buy only to trusted sites. So moms, if breast pump is such a pain, you may want to try this.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Healthy foods: How to make toddlers eat.

Never force children to eat something that they say they "hate". Instead try to combine these nutritious food items with those that they like . For example", If your tot love hotdogs, make a sandwich with an iron-fortified hotdog, vitamin-enriched margarine, a slice of cheese, a little mayonnaise with minced carrots, and serve with glass of fresh fruit juice.

Nutrients are better absorbed when combined in a dish such as serving vegetables with meat cubes. for instance. Small frequent feedings are better for this stage since they can only eat so much with their small appetites.

Here are top must lists of healthy foods for your toddlers:

The primary food that toddlers should have in their priority list is milk. It is an excellent source of calcium and protein. It is also a good source of phosphorous, some B-complex vitamins, and Vitamins A and D. as well as some magnesium. Toddlers need fats contained in full cream milk, so low-fat or non-fat milk are not recommended. If your toddler gets tired of drinking same milk over and over, try to be innovative: add a teaspoon or two of chocolate or strawberry flavoring. better yet mix it with some fresh fruits your little ones love or make it into a nutritious milkshake.

The next in line, vegetables. vegetable provide minerals, vitamins and fiber. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach contains vitamin c and A , iron, calcium. while yellow veggies such as carrots and squash are rich in Vitamin A.

Third group and non-negotiable food are fruits. fruits are rich in vitamins and are well-liked by most kids. Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamin b6.

Make sure your toddler eats whole grain breads or enriched rice and cereals, as these are good source of iron, thiamin and riboflavin..

When your tots really hates the taste, try to add bitter/bland tasting veggies into their meal by making a puree or or use a juicer then hide it by mixing it to their favorite foods. It is important that we don't take healthy foods for granted. We only want whats best for our kids.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Growing pains, What your kids are telling you.

Biting one's lip can be a physical manifestati...Biting ones lip
can be physical manifestation
of worry

Image via Wikipedia

Growing pains may occur, especially with kids ages 3 and up. Kids at this stage may experience aches in arms, legs and joints after a very tiring day. but don't worry these are usually gone by the morning.

Though growing pains and aches are normal and there are no specific clinical remedies for them parents can ease their children's discomfort with gentle stretching of the arms and legs and with warm compress application

Kids complaints on pains and aches should also be monitored and should not be dismissed. Growing pains in the legs usually affect both legs. So if your child experiences pain in just one leg, consult a doctor. Redness around the joints, swelling, rash, fever, or a limp also call for a visit to the doctor.

Parents cannot just buy a handbook on nurturing their babies, especially when it comes to growth and development. It is through observation and experience that we learn most about them.
And as a mother of two kids. I believe that i am not the best person to teach you on how to nurture your child but it's you who is the best Nurse of them all.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coffee for uterine cancer?

 Image via Wikipedia Coffee may treat uterine cancer?I just got this another news about coffee. I love coffee but not to the point that i take too much of it. So i felt glad when i found out about this very good news.

Based on studies led by Japanese researchers. Women who add coffee to their daily diet may reduce the risk of having uterine cancer. This was led by the Japanese ministry who monitored 54,000 women ages 40 to 69 in over 15 years.

In those years of studies they've found out that 117 women developed cancer of the uterus, Reported by the medical team. Japan's National Cancer Center researchers divided those women into 4 groups, based on how much coffee intake. It was shown that the group who take coffee more than 3 time a day has over 60% lower chances to develop uterine cancer compared to those who take coffee 2 times a week.

This studies shows that Coffee may have effects in lowering insulin levels, It is possible that it may reduce the risk of developing womb cancer. The medical team said that they also studied about green tea consumption but they see no effects/chances that it may reduce the uterine cancer.

Based on U.S. Centers for disease control, Uterine cancer is the 4th most common diagnosed cancer in Women

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Does Wheat grass really make us healthy?

Wheat grass for good health? Indoor grown wheatgrass grows from 8-14 days b...Image via Wikipedia Last Saturday, i learned something new... to me, but it was already known ages ago.I just wanted to share something that i found amazing.(Courtesy of Ms. Jessica Soho)
A lot of people may know wheat grass as just a grass that makes your front lawn looks pretty neat. And cows, goats and horse's daily meal.

Wheat grass is a type of grass that is rich and high in vitamins and minerals, but of course it still a grass. So for some people, they may find these unpleasant to eat or drink. But let me show you what really caught my attention, Producers of wheat grass said that There's a lot of ways to take wheat grass. But you can try to put some in a juicer so you can take the juice from it and drink it from a shot glass. They say that even the pulp has benefits too.(you can use it as a facial scrub.) They claim that one shot glass of wheat grass is equal to 1 kilo of green leafy vegetables. If this is true then I'd better get one of these.

Here are some more benefits of wheat grass that proponents claim:

help make menopause more manageable

prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease

It cures constipation

It detoxify heavy metals from the bloodstream

promote general well-being.

improve the digestive system

This study was pioneered by Dr. Ann Wigmore , a health practitioner, nutritionist,whole foods advocate, and a doctor of Divinity.
Dr. Ann Wigmore has been helping people get well from chronic disorders for 30 years using wheatgrass. Wheat grass may or may not prevent cancer. But i strongly still believe that nothing beats a well balanced diet, So don't just rely on one food to cure a disease. Wheat grass is healthy so you can add it in your daily diet. And you may be surprised what it will truly brings to your health.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Injectable, why you should give this a try?

A picture of my wifeImage via Wikipedia Injectables have now become the fourth most commonly used contraceptive method worldwide.
More and more women are being open to using contraceptive that stops monthly bleeding. Some women stopped the use of injectables because they stop having their monthly period.Many women though welcome the absence of menstruation and continue using the method.

Injectables may also help in preventing the abnormal development of cells in the ovaries and uterus. by stopping or reducing monthly bleeding. Injectables may also help reduce heavy bleeding, dysmennorrhea and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

Women using injectables who want to conceive will be capable of doing so after they stop using it. There may be a slight delay before pregnancy occurs after stopping the use of injectables but this should not be equated with infertility. Injectable are also safe for breastfeeding mothers since injectables do not affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. Using injectables therefore does not have any harmful effects on the growth and developments of infants.

A single shot of an injectible contraceptive provides three months of continuous and uninterrupted protection from unplanned pregnancy. For couples, This means total confidence an peace of mind.

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