Monday, October 6, 2008

Stretch marks, Mother's nightmare.

Stretch marks and losing weight are the most common problems after giving birth.When i gave birth to my first daughter, I never had much problems when it comes to losing weight and skin problems. My skin never turned dark or uneven, I didn't gain that much weight, so what's to lose? I thought that if i get pregnant again, things will be just the same......not!

Last year when i was still pregnant on my second baby, I was so surprised when i noticed that some parts of my skin are getting darker and uneven. I've gained more weight than i thought i could. I didn't add lbs til i was on my 7th month when I've noticed that I'm getting heavier than before.

But the worst thing that i never thought would happened to me were the stretch marks,(oh, so unlucky of me) up to know I'm still following some routines to make it go away.. but of course i know that my skin will never be the same again, I already accepted that fact. (sigh)

Here are some good news for mommies like me who are also having the same problems. My doctor advised me to try creams that may reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Retin A and Renova- are creams that help to reduce wrinkles and treat dark spots and roughness of skin, It is also good to reduce stretchmarks.

Based on studies 80% of patients are happy with the results with continued use for 6 months. Retinoids from these products are helps to promote cell growth or regeneration in the upper layer of the skin, and it also help in to complete the collagen in the lower layer of the skin. but of course it still varies to different types of people. You may want to consult your doctor first.

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  1. I don't have a problem with the weight but boy do I have stretch marks. Just on the tummy. No where else so perhaps I can still feel a tiny bit lucky. I have had four kids so maybe I'll try a cream or two. What can it hurt? haha

  2. I'd like to try that - using a cream. It's been six months but my stretch marks as still very visible like I when I was pregnant :P

  3. Hi, I have friends that are always complaining about the stretch marks that come with childbirth. I will definitely pass along this information to them.

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  4. That is great news for those that get stretch marks! I was lucky enough not to get them but had heard that until now there was not much you could do.

  5. It's amazing how some get them and some don't. I'd like to hear the theory behind this.

  6. hi cure, thanks for the comment. btw, what is your url? so i could link to you and vice versa.

  7. very nice article ...

    These marks are visible during your pregnancy but as time passes after delivery, they start lightening and ultimately turn into silvery lines that are lighter than the adjacent skin.

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