Sunday, September 14, 2008

Health Drink, Camel's milk...Uh-oh!

This may sound a little unpleasant for some people. But for the residents and workers of United Arab Emirates, They like to eat ice cream....made from camel's milk. You heard it right.

Camel's milk is selling like hot cakes now in U.A.E. Instead of buying goat's milk. Most people In U.A.E. are now into camel's milk. Even chocolates that are made from camel's milk were a big hit.
A tribe of Bedouin i n Al Ain were groups of people that take camel's milk so that they can last more days in the dessert and withstand the heat. Because They say that this kind of milk is good against heat. Even though it may have a bad smell and unpleasant taste, more and more residents(in UAE) nowadays are drinking camel's milk.

Seedhara M.J. A production Manager of Al AinFarms for Livestock Dairy Productions(AAFLDP) said that Camel's milk wasn't consumed very often before, It was once only used for Diabetes. Because It is high in Insulin.Seedhara also mentioned that AAFLDP now produced ice cream and chocolates made from Pure Camel's milk.

Seedhara also said that

It is low in fat content. It only has 2 to 2.5 % only or 40% less cholesterol compare to cows milk.

High in Microbial protein-Lactoferin that strengthen the immune system

High in Vitamin C and Minerals

It also has moisturizing agent Elastin that helps reduce wrinkles, Strengthens teeth, hair and skin

Helps people with allergies and are lactose intolerance

Very rich in Calcium that makes bones stronger, Helps pregnant women and prevents osteoporosis

I love milk, most of us do. But, I don't think everyone would be into this. Even after you've heard about the benefits. I think i can try the chocolate ice cream, but i don't think I'm ready for the pure Camel's milk.

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  1. Does not sound that gross. I think it would be weird if the food manufacturers start making chocolate out of human milk.

  2. Has anyone heard about camels milk helping autism?

  3. @asithi, yes actually i heard of the milk and milk capsules from breast milk.

  4. All the properties of the milk are really important not only for the children but the adult too. The milk contain many vitamin, potassium, calcium and iron.This kind of properties is needed for the people.

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  5. where can i buy camel milk ?. along with goat's milk ?. are there any well known large - chain food stores, that carry either or both products ?. i appreciate anyone's suggestions.

    i live an hour outside of WASHINGTON,D.C..

  6. does anyone know if camel milk can be bought in the USA?



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