Monday, July 28, 2008

Lung cancer, to smoke or not to smoke.

Lung cancer is one of the leading cause of death out of so many cancers around it surpasses colon and breast cancer. It is usually seen people ages 60 to 70. There are 2 types of cancer the benign and the malignant. In lung cancer malignant is higher compared to benign. Here are the following causes:

1. Leading the list are those smokers. It is the highest percentage than other causes. It is 10 times diagnosed to smokers than non-smokers. The longer the person smokes the higher the risk of having lung cancer it is because of the Tar in tobaccos and cigarettes.

2. People who work in mining like arsenic, chromium, iron oxides and coal dust.

3. People who live in the city than those who live in the country side, provinces or anywhere outside the city. It's very obvious it's because of the air pollution from cars, factories etc.

What are the symptoms?
In the early stage of cancer, you barely see any symptoms, that's why when the time it's diagnosed it is already in the advance stage. the most common symptom is
  • having a cough that just don't leave even if antibiotics are already taken. When having some doubts about your cough you should see a doctor immediately. Especially, If it's been weeks or even months( with or without phlegm) and
  • if your weight dropped rapidly,
  • sudden lost of appetite and
  • coughing out streaks of blood.
Then this means you have to see a doctor right away. Now smoking may feel really good when you're still young but how about when you get old? Remember: prevention is always better than cure
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