Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ways to lose weight fast , 4 easy tips

So many tips to loose your weight if you will just follow some of the articles in the archives before you'll probably on your way to loosing 5 lbs more. Now here's another tricks to help you lose more.

1. Refresh your routine - No longer feeling the burn from your daily walk? when you do your exercise your muscle memory kicks in. how? When your doing your routine, and your doing it over and over again. You yourself feels that it's like nothing is burning anymore, actually there still is but the problem is your body is giving you signals that you are bored. Challenge your body and use up more fuel by giving different muscle groups a jolt. Mix it up: Do some laps in the pool or try some high intensity power yoga. Balance your exercise, not only you lose weight but you feel the difference.

2. Best Diet breakfast - say goodbye to bagels. Researchers from Louisiana State University System tracked people on a low-cal diet and found that those who ate two eggs in the morning lost 65 percent more weight than those who had bagel breakfast with the same number of calories. Plus the egg eaters' cholesterol levels didn't go up. How did they shed the extra pounds? Compared to the bagel group, they felt fuller after breakfast and ate fewer calories during the day.

3. Listen to lose- Exercising to the right song can help you get fitter, report researchers from Brunel University in England. They found that music helped participants work out longer. They key is to find tunes that get you going (think James Brown's I feel good) . Once you sit down to eat, however silence is best. A study form Georgia state University showed that people munched more when music was playing.

4. Gobble before you gulp- Grab a snack before you sip. "Drinking caffeine or alcohol especially on an empty stomach, encourages insulin to floodgate into the bloodstream explains nutritionist Deborah Arneson. Rsult? The activation of cortisol, a fat storing hormone. If you can't live without your morning latte, drink only after a nibble of healthy fats- it stabilizes your blood sugar levels.

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