Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Banana : health benefits you don't know

An expert shared his knowledge about the benefits of bananas, These are not the commonly known benefits of bananas. We all know that bananas contains vitamin potassium that make our body healthy and strong, and what else?!!

Based on research studies it was proven that regular consumption of banana can give enough energy. That's why many athletes take bananas as part of they're daily habits. It can also prevent sickness. The following are the list of ailments and health conditions that are reduced or even prevent by taking banana in a regular basis:

1. Depression - Don't be sad now, bananas are on their way. Based on a recent survey. Bananas have trytophan. A type of protein that promotes the production of serotonin in our bodies that calms and relaxes our bodies. It enhances good mood which is a simple way to be healthy and be happy.

2. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Vitamin B6 that can also be found in bananas. assists by controlling your mood as well as your behavior. It maintain normal blood glucose levels that affects our moods.

3. Anemia- Bananas are good source of iron, which is good for the production of hemoglobin in our blood. Allows blood to carry and release oxygen that helps in anemia cases.

4. Blood Pressure - A unique tropical fruit banana, That is high in potassium but low in salt. Which is excellent to fight the risk of blood pressure. Bananas reduces the danger of blood pressure and stroke.

5. Constipation- Bananas are rich in fiber, that helps us to have normal bowel action. Thus, cleanses and remove toxins away from our bodies. A perfect solution for weight conscious people.

6. Hangover- The easiest way to remove hangover is to drink a banana milkshake. A simple shake that you can do. just add honey and milk. Bananas combined with honey calms stomach. it happens because of forced blood sugar levels. while milk can actually rehydrate our body system.

7. Heart burn- Bananas can releases natural effects of antacid in our bodies. That soothes heartburn.

Now, regular intake of bananas each meal, can boost our brain power. Based on research studies bananas who are high in potassium triggers the energy to be alert. Helping us to be more productive not only physically but mentally.

So does monkeys knows best? i don't think so. So eat your banana and be healthy!

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