Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oral cancer: Lip cancer

Cancer of the lips usually strikes men around 50 and above. The symptoms of this cancer are usually taken for granted like:
  • blisters
  • or wounds that easily bleeds if the lips get irritated.
  • ulceration
The main reasons of having cancer of the lips are over exposure under the sun and too much smoking. The treatment of this cancer is not that hard. The percentage of the patients getting cured is very high. The treatment is easy because of the location of the cancer. It is still advisable that if the symptoms are already visible, People shouldn't take this for granted and see a doctor immediately.

This cancer are usually treated through an operation where the cancer is located. Radiation therapy is used as an alternative surgery. This cancer can be prevented by not staying under the sun for a long period of time. try to avoid using pipe, or just stop smoking. Remember, even if this is curable or easily treated, early detection is still important. Prevention is still better than cure.
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