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Foods for the immune system

Our immune system is responsible in making our bodies healthy and strong. From the common cold to the worst cancer. That's why taking care of it is the key to a healthy body. Experts said that there are a lot of food that can actually boost the immune system. and here are some of it that made the list:

1. Pumpkin/squash seeds

Pumpkins are not only great for Halloween, but for the whole year round. It has Zinc.
Zinc actually prevents us from experiencing colds for a long period of time. Its stops the cold from getting worst. Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper. try to eat pumpkin seeds. It even taste good.However pumpkin seeds don't stop there - the tasty little seeds are also a rich source of protein and the essential fatty acid omega-3.

2. Orange.

This fruit is very well known for having Vitamin c. An antioxidant that helps the immune system to fight every illness waiting around. Vitamin C can also be found in bell peppers, strawberries, pomelo and broccoli. 400 milligrams of vitamin c 3 times a day is OK. It also has Vitamin a that:
  • helps bone and tooth development
  • promotes good night vision
  • maintains healthy skin and membranes


Unpasteurized yogurt is even better. lactobacillus acidophilus - a healthy bacterium that prevents any fungus related infections. 20 milligrams of acidophillus supplement everyday is advised. It also has Riboflavin which is necessary for the release of energy from foods and healthy membranes and skin.Yogurt can be given to children as part of a weaning diet, included in packed lunches, used in the cooking of sweet and savoury dishes or just as a quick nutritious snack.

4. Tea- all types of teas has flavonoids a powerful vitamin that tremendously slows down the aging process of our immune system.the flavonoids in tea can act to inhibit the development of precancerous lesions and cancers in many tissues, including bladder,breast, intestine, liver, lung, mouth, pancreas, and skin, in animal studies and human cell lines. you can also get flavonids from onions, oats,brocolli, tomatoes, apples and berries. tea appears to help support the liver's function in detoxifying the blood, including the elimination of cancer-causing compounds.

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