Sunday, July 20, 2008

birth control pill: getting pregnant

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Looking for effective birth control pills? Or you are just one of many people who still are in doubt with birth control pills? There is no truth behind the belief that a woman will have a hard time getting pregnant if she's been a pill user for years. Once a woman stop taking pills her fertility is back to normal cycle. Maybe some people are just having a hard time to conceive. It really depends on how quickly your body reacts and If you are trying at the right time of your cycle.

An oral contraceptive pills is one of the most effective way of contraception. Some say that taking pills for a long time can cause the following:

  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • blood clot in circulation
  • migraine
  • liver problems

Pap smear is only for the cervix. It doesn't have the ability to know if a woman is incapable of getting pregnant. Pap smear is a test wherein a they get a sample inside the cervix. Here you can detect if a woman has an infection or if there's a tumor starting to grow inside the cervix.
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