Saturday, July 26, 2008

Banana : health benefits you don't know part 2

From the first part that i wrote about the benefits of bananas, It was proven that regular consumption of bananas, can give us enough energy. This can prevent us from different sickness and health conditions that are included in the following:

1. Insect bites- before you grab an insect bite cream. try to apply a banana peel to the affected area. Based on research, Banana peel can actually prevent from being swollen and irritation.

2. Overweight - People who hardly moves, especially in their type of work.
Like sitting for 8 hours. This may cause overweight combined with uncontrolled food cravings.
People should control their blood sugar by eating carbohydrate foods every two hours too maintain the proper level. And this can happen by taking bananas daily.

3. Temperature control - Many different culture states that banana is a "cooling fruit" that reduce both physical and emotional temperature of those who are pregnant.

4. Ulcer - Bananas is used as a dietary food against intestinal disorder from ts smooth texture. This is the only yellow fruit that wont let anyone suffer from cases of over-chronicler . It neutralizes over-acidity and it lessen the irritation beacuse of proper ling inside our tummy.

5. Morning sickness- Eating bananas in between meals can maintain right sugar levels that prevents morning sickness.

6. Maintains good condition of nerves.- Bananas are high source of B vitamins that soothes our nervous system.

Eating bananas are not just for delicious treat. It has different benefits that makes bananas a winner!

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