Thursday, November 27, 2008

Evil boss = Heart Disease

I just want to share something that i think a lot of people would benefit. Especially those who are working. Few years ago, I worked with an International company that i really, really like, but there is just one problem...... my boss. Well, at first i thought it was just me, but then i found out that almost everyone i know in the company are all planning to leave because of our boss.

I've been stressed and yes i quit. but i still consider it as a great experience, but did you know that Those kind of bosses may increase the risk of heart disease of their subordinates.

I got this news that a team from Sweden have found a link between bad leadership and the risk of heart related diseases and heart attacks among (3,000) employed men.

Study shows that the effect may be cumulative - the risk went up the longer an employee worked for the same environment, same company and same boss.

This research study was published in occupational and environmental medicine.

Stressful environment

Experts said that the feeling of not valued and unsupported at work can cause a lot of stress, which often encouraged unhealthy behaviors, such as lack of sleep, smoking, drinking etc that can lead to heart disease.

Their studies has also shown that unfair bosses can drive up their employees' blood pressure, and persistent high blood pressure can increase heart disease risk.

It just shows that having a good working relationship with your manager may help to protect you against heart disease..

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  1. sorry you had a hard time and yes, I can see how that could cause all kinds of health problems. Stress is a killer!

  2. Well those kind of boss are surely a source of disease mate. Just like a germs just he is bigger, bald, well dressed and has a mustache.

  3. it was a good thing that you quit to work with that environment, or maybe you can juts work with me, just joking ;)

  4. Very true, the feeling for being not valued by our bosses can cause much stress which can lead to heart disease. Good thing you quit in your job.

  5. Thanks guys! Heidi, Suzy, Nilo and Dextro. For the comments! Thank God i quit that job!

  6. I think the best way is to find another job.


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