Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to lose the holiday weight gain.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year. So many holidays and of course........ feast! who doesn't love to eat right? especially when everybody is enjoying eating and having fun. But of course sometimes we tend to forget our diet, counting calories, food portions. etc. I'm sometimes guilty of this too.

Here are some tips that hope to help you lose some holiday weight gain.

1. Eat fruits and vegetables. They'll give you more food and less calories. You just came out of holiday feast so better start eating healthy foods and gain power not fat.

2. Spice things up. A little salsa can add a lot of flavor to a baked potato-and for few calories. I know, many people may not like to eat boring or bland healthy foods. So spice up your food a little.

3. For sweets. just grab low-fat yogurt instead of ice cream. There are many low fat yogurts around nowadays. You might thought of grabbing a low fat ice cream, but better not.

4. Besides cutting calories, a high fiber diet help prevent cancer, heart disease and digestive illness. So wake up with an oatmeal breakfast or just get a high fiber lunch and your off to lose weight.

5. Exercise everyday. Oh yes! You ate a lot last holiday, so lose that fat!

Everything may seem to be very hard, but i still think that if you put your heart to it. I mean discipline is one major key to lose weight! We still have few more holiday feasts to come so if you think you are having a hard time to lose weight. Then control yourself.

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  1. Hi Aybi,
    I like to eat low-fat yogurt. It really helps me with my sweet tooth. Nice post! :-)


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