Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why diet and exercise won't work for some people.

Diet and exercise doesn't work for most people? because maybe their not doing it right. as simple as that. That's why most people feel frustrated whenever they didn't meet their weight goals. or they're weight fluctuate. There are times that you may want to ask a professional to give you some ideas and advices if your own diet just won't work for you. But you might ask, My friend lose weight on her own? I can do it to right?

Well, my brother lost a lot of weight on his own too, why? because he's doing it the right way.

So what maybe the reasons why some diet and exercise wont' work for you.

You may not have a good plan. and or your diet is not balance with your level of

You might be eating more than you think. You consume more saturated fats.

You forgot about portion sizes.

You don't have proper balance of carbs, proteins and fats. you can't lose weight if your undernourished.

a little discipline wont hurt, but you don't have to kill yourself. Enjoy your diet and exercise and don't think of it as a burden.

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  1. Aybi,
    I had a problem losing weight last year. I try different things but my weight only varied up and down by a few pounds. Then finally I found the right combination that helped me lose 35 pounds. First, I started taking a resveratrol supplement, cut out all sweets (candy, ice cream, cookies, etc.), cut out second helpings and after dinner snacks, and walked at least 30 minutes a day. All of this helped me lose 35 pounds over a 6 month period.


  2. Hi Gerald, That's great! some people find it hard to lose weight and look for the perfect diet combination for themselves.


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