Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't forget your annual check up.

Just last Saturday i went out to bring my mom to her doctor. She doesn't like to do annual check up, because she believes that you only visit your doctor if you feel something strange or your not feeling well.(So wrong) I always tell her, Its' not about that. It's more than that. I explained to her that if there's something wrong with her health it's like a given early opportunity to address her problems. So what should be checked to maintain good health?

So compute your body mass index to see if you are still within your ideal body weight.Being overweight as a young adult or even as a child will soon catch up with you in the form of many chronic conditions as you grow older.

Have your blood pressure taken. Many have access to a clinic at their workplace or even at a local health center. Hypertension maybe detected this early, and elevated BP may be even lead to the discovery of other conditions such as kidney disease.

Eye examinations should also be performed every year. This may diagnose certain eye conditions that need medical attention. You may also find an explanation for the frequent headaches you may have been having- an error of refraction. Why suffer for a long a time when just a pair of corrective lenses can dramatically improve your quality of life.

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  1. You are absolutely right and I am like your mom and only want to go if something feels wrong. I know you are right though and annual checkups are very important to being healthy!!

  2. True. As per our doctor, annual check-ups should start at the age of 40.


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