Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vitamins and their benefits to your skin

I think almost all of women loves to look good. And I think that one of the top priorities of most women is a healthy beautiful skin. Before thinking of buying those very expensive products here are some vitamins that usually fond in skin care products that would help you in taking care of your skin, to keep it healthy, young-looking and may reduce the signs of skin aging

Vitamin A- This typically can be used in retin A, basically it's retinol derivative, What it does is it helps reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. And it also helps to exfoliates and increase cellular turnover.

Vitamin C- Is usually the most popular vitamin found in skin care products, both topically or internally you can take it.Internally, because it is a water soluble ingredient. And it is something that you want to make sure that you consistently taking it cause it is washed out with body fluids, So you make sure that you take it pretty frequently or as prescribed by your doctor.Before the skin, it usually helps to repair collagen elastin, so it helps to make your skin nice and plump,also fight environmental aggressors, so it's good for environmental stressed skin or sun-damaged skin.

Omegas- They help your skin in lipid production and barrier functions, they help to ensure your skin functions the way it supposed to.

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