Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Foods that can cause migraines to everyone.

there are many people that whenever they eat certain foods they get a migraine. Maybe some people drink wine and all of sudden they are having a migraine. But what are the foods that causes migraine.

The most common migraine triggers are red wine, chocolates, other alcoholic beverages, even healthy foods such as yogurt, bananas, citrus fruits, onions. ANd take note that for each different people it's a different set of fruit, If you have migraine. you have to stop eating all of these foods, It's a way to find out what triggers your headache. One of the best way to prevent and know which food cause your migraine is to keep a notebook and whenever you are having a headache. Try to write down everything you eat before you got the headache( the previous 8-12 hours). So if you see a pattern every time you had a headache whenever you eat bananas, then maybe that's your trigger.

For many people food doesn't play a role at all, they can eat anything, they can drink anything they want, and not get a headache from food, for some people it's dramatic that is if they stay on a very strict diet they will not get a single headache. For most people it's in between. Foods contribute to the migraine but it's not the only or the major trigger for their headaches.

There are still a lot of foods that causes headaches such as raisins, cheese, peanut butter, tofu, nuts, soy sauce, avocado etc, All of these are healthy food. Anything smoked, cured, pickled anything that has preservatives, all that can trigger headache. For some people it's MSG. some people are other preservatives such as artificial sweeteners. Again it depends on the individual so you can't generalize the list. So if you usually have migraines, check the food you ate in the past 12 hours.
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