Sunday, September 6, 2009

The symptoms of heart failure

Just this morning me and my grandma our having discussions about heart failure, and like most people my grandma is a bit confused with heart failure and heart attacks, So I had to explain some stuffs I know, and would like to share this to everyone as well.

When you have heart attacks, one of the arteries of the heart is blocked, people have severe chest pain.When you have heart failure, the the whole muscle of the heart hasn't pump and that is the difference though however heart attacks can cause heart failure.

There is one risk that is important, though there are many. One would be hypertension so high blood pressure is one of the major risk for developing heart failure, and if you don't have symptoms of heart failure, if you have hypertension and you can't treat the high blood pressure, then you can't prevent the development of heart failure, there are other things like that of obesity.

Some people don't have any symptoms, but on the other hand there are two main symptoms, one is shortness of breath, the other one is fluid retention, so you can get fluid in your leg. One of the most important thing everyone should remember which is very common to a lot of people is at night when people had shortness of breath when they sleep and they had to get up, and then they had to sit down in bed and breathe, that is very common symptoms of heart failure, as well as fatigue.

Now how are you going to prevent this from happening, there are many therapies one would be if you can prevent blood pressure then you can reverse ore prevent heart failure, there are also medicines that you can ask from your doctor.

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