Thursday, December 4, 2008

Season's Travel first aid.

It's Christmas once again and most of us would spend our holiday season with our families and loved ones. Most of us just need to travel for hours just to be with our family. Of course, in long hours of traveling. most of us parents are always ready, we always make it a point to bring first aid kits. But what exactly do we need to bring.

Well, We should always remember that first aid kit is something all of us shouldn't forget. Especially those family members who have asthma, diabetes, hypertension etc.
Here's a list of what's should be inside your first aid kit.

1. Analgesics- are medicines that relieve pain. Mefenamic Acid and Ibuprofen(like Advil) are some examples.

2. Antipyretics - are medicines that prevent or reduce fever. Like paracetamols, 500 mg for adults and syrup for kids.

3. Antihistamines- or anti-allergy medicines to provide relief for allergic reactions.

4. Anti-emetics- like Metoclopramide . Used to treat motion sickness.

5. Oral Rehydration Solution - in case of Diarrhea.

6. Anti Diarrhea medication.

7. Emergency or maintenance medicine- for a family member presently on medication.

8. Gauze bandage- for dressing cuts and burns.

9. Thermometer- to check for fever.

10. Band-aid to keep small cuts clean and dirt free.

11. Micropore- to hold bandages in place.

12. Scissors and tweezers- to remove splinters and cut bandages.

13. Eye drops - to treat dry irritated eyes.

14. Burn ointment- To treat mild burns.

15. Betadine and Alcohol - to clean cuts.

16. And lastly don't forget love and care.

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  1. Hi, carnation! thanks for dropping by. It's better to be ready than sorry right?

  2. I am the least organized and prepared person I know so this is great! Thanks!

  3. That is a great idea! I never thought about packing a first aid kit for holiday parties. That would probably be especially helpful if you have kids. Thanks for sharing!

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