Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nurture yourself everyday.

There are days that we tend to forget ourselves. We are so busy that we even forget to change clothes or eat dinner. Give your self some time to breathe everyday.

Relax that vacation is useless if you can't take your mind off your work(guilty!) Be in the moment. Meditate. Its' an excellent way to let go of worries, concentrate and free up your activity.

Let go of guilt, guilt, every mom's constant companion, can ruin your self-nurturing plans. Think of yourself as a cellphone: If your battery is drained, you're absolutely useless. Go and recharge.

Manage time. Examine your day and minimize, if not eliminate, time wasters, such as mindless TV watching; e-mails; purposeless web surfing; video games; chatting on the telephone or endless texting and commuting or driving in traffic ( try leaving the house earlier to minimize travel time, and getting stuck in traffic jam)

Next time you tell yourself that you don't have time, remember: You can find the time.

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