Monday, October 27, 2008

Tea party?! When is the best time to drink tea?

Tea. Whether it's green tea, black tea, white tea, red tea, name it i like it. I got this habit of drinking all sorts of health drinks, fruit juices, coffee, tea, milk etc. from my grand father. I admire him for having a healthy body and maintain it for such a long time. Even if he already passed away. He left our world not young. But very old and wise.

There are so many benefits of tea. but when is the best time to take it? My grandpa used to tell me that the best time to take tea is in the morning. It will help you boost your metabolism. It will also help you to feel better when your sick.

I still think that you can drink tea anytime you want but it depends on what type of tea you drink, Most green teas has caffeine, so if you'll love this type and like to drink a lot in the evening, you may want to drink less in the evening. but i think it would be ok to drink tea anytime of the day. If the tea is decaf then maybe a cup or two in the middle of night won't hurt your eyes. but if you love sweetened tea, A cup in the morning may be good for you but not too much at night.

So for all those who are not sure what time to drink tea, You may want to check what type of tea are you drinking and you can adjust from there. And you can host your own tea party. Have a great tea time!

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  1. I love, love to drink tea! Right now I am on a green tea kick and I have 3 or 4 cups first thing in the morning myself.

  2. I read that drinking green tea right after a meal helps you to clean your system of fats. Like, your digestive system won't be able to absorb the fats and toxins from the food you just ate!

  3. I love to drink tea of all sorts, too. Right now in my cabinet, I have "regular" tea, but also, peppermint, kava, green, and hibiscus. I drink the hibiscus, green, and plain tea "straight-up," and add half & half, and Splenda to the peppermint and kava. So good, so comforting.

    And always on the lookout for others. Have you seen the new blossoming teas? They're sooo cool! (But too expensive for my budget at the moment.)

  4. I have read that Wu Yi tea has been used in China as well for health benefits and for weight loss. It is not as healthy as green tea. It can strengthen bones and teeth, and even possibly lower the risk of cancer. It also increases your skins tone.


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