Friday, October 24, 2008

Sleepy? Why lack of sleep may harm you.

Do you get better sleep? well, you must.

Just right after i finished college. The first job i got was in a call center, An outbound agent. And i was on a grave yard shift. That was (9pm until 6am) It was ok at first but after just 2 months i felt that i was lacking of sleep.

Even though i knew that i was sleeping around 7 hours a day, it wasn't easy sleeping in the morning. I tried to closed the door of my bed room and pulled down my curtain, but the broad day light was just peeking at my windows.

Of all the health complains i had while i was on that job. There was one thing i learned while working in that kind of environment that up to this moment, I still apply in my daily life. That is to complete your 8 hours of sleep. Why? Because there might be dangers waiting for you especially if you are working.

So what happens when you never complete your 8-hour sleep very often.

Poor vision. this is so true to me. I got blurry vision at work, or just when I'm walking to the elevator. It sucks so much. Short term memory, People tend to lose some parts of their memories due to lack of enough sleep.

Your reaction is slow. Have you ever felt that when everyone is laughing, you seem to be just smiling? why because you don't get it. because you don't understand. Or if somebody is talking to you. You seem to be somewhere else.

Never drive yourself to work if you think you can't focus. My dad caused a very long traffic when he doze off on a green light few years ago. That was humiliating so he got his self a driver.

Moody. you switch moods so easily. Poor performance. Your work suffers because you can't concentrate. So if you feel that you are stating to see these signs. better take a goodnight sleep. or tale some power naps in the afternoon.

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