Friday, July 31, 2009

Stuttering: Most children outgrow it.

For kids who outgrow stuttering, the normal stage of speech development is know as pseudostuttering. Characterized by brief repetitions of sounds, syllables or short words, It's a common speech irregularity that comes and goes. However it is most noticeable when the child is excited, stressed or overly tired.

I can still remember my 2nd grade classmate, she used to stutter at that time but when we were already 4rth grade, i noticed that she no longer stutters. Children who stutter regularly are more likely to notice it and will tend to be more anxious and embarrassed about it.

Here are some tips that would help you and your kids.

1. Talk to your child. Read books together. Encourage conversations during family meals.

2. Do not require your child to speak correctly at all times. Allow talking to be fun and enjoyable.

3. Avoid having your child speak or read aloud when he is uncomfortable, or when you notice the stuttering increases. Encourage instead activities that do not require a lot of talking.

4. Avoid corrections or criticisms such a "slow down" or take a deep breath. They only make your child feel more self-conscious. You should also ask others not to correct him.

5. Do not tell your child to start over or to think before speaking.

6. Minimize the stress or situations that will make the stuttering worse.

7. Maintain natural eye contact with your child. Try not to look away or show signs of being upset.

8. Let your child speak for himself and allow him to finish his sentences.

9. Speak slowly and clearly. Modeling a slow rate will help your child's fluency.

If pseudostuttering persists for more than two months. or is making the child anxious, then he may benefit from speech evaluation and therapy.. Kids with true stuterring should consult a speech .pathologist.

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