Friday, July 24, 2009

Fake Eggs from China.

I know this maybe an old news but hey i just want to share something. My good friend went home from a business trip last week. He came from China, and told me some wonderful and odd things about China. There is just one story that i just can't get enough of it, i just kept asking him and got this information.

You probably heard about the Fake Eggs in China, but this is the first time for me so i was so surprised, yes FAKE EGGS, I actually believe that you can make fake things like cellphones and laptops and other techy stuffs, but EGGS?!!! oh my God!

Alright so here's the story based on my research these fakes eggs are dangerous because they are made out of chemicals, these chemicals may give you some health problems. and you might be asking how in the world can they make a fake egg, alright so i got these pictures and it's for you to judge for yourself, and yes it;s true their selling these eggs. I just hope that they don't export these eggs to other countries, or do they?!! I don't own these images so i don't take the credit. just wanted to share

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