Friday, July 3, 2009

Looking Good = Feeling Good

Being healthy isn't just confined to a healthy diet and exercise. Overall health and well-being should also reflect in how you look and carry yourself(there's a reason why Queer Eye for the straight guy became such a hit) Take these basic tips to looking and feeling your darndest best!

1.Take your cue from your wife/sister/girlfriend.

Women care for their skin because soft, supple skin boosts self-image and self-esteem immensely. You might gawk at the idea of applying all the gunk on your face, but all you really need are moisturizing facial washes, sunblock or sunscreen. And moisturizing shaving gels and creams for better shaves. If you've got acne, try a wash with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid ointments. Am added bonus to all these: Women like caressing smoother skin than dry or oily or flaky skin so head on to the drugstore.

2.Get rid of that slacker look.

The I-haven't-changed-in-days guise really doesn't look, feel, and, well, smell great, so ditch your slacker t-shirts and jeans for smarter-looking fashion. Nice-fitting shirts show off your great physique, and washing your jeans every so often can get you that soft-denim effect you're gunning for more than using them unwashed everyday. If you really don't want to get rid of your ripped denim, pair it with a crisp button down shirt and cool pair of sneakers to smarten it up a bit.

3. Pay your barber a visit.

Yes long hair worked for Brad Pitt- but that was so 1994. What's a healthy balanced lifestyle if they can't see you behind all that hair? cut off your locks and show off that face! A clean cut does a lot of mileage, but if you are into styling gels and texturing waxes, make sure that you style your hair in a way that it doesn't grab attention away from your face. You's want people to look at you, and not on a work of art on the top of your head.

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