Friday, November 20, 2009

Pomegranate: A super fruit!

why pomegranate is a super fruit? Now some people are are not used to eating this fruit, for some they just haven't tried one. But for those who haven't you have to put this on your grocery list this weekend, your missing a lot!

pomegranate is packed with anti-oxidants, It is very high in Vitamin C, Polyphenols, Ellagic acid and Resveratrol. One thing that make this super fruit a super is the Ellagic Acid, It is a naturally occuring polyphenolic constituent found in fruits and nuts, such as apple, blueberry, walnut and of course pomegranate. It has the ability to inhibit mutations within a cell's DNA.

This means it helps prevents cancer from ever getting started, It is also know as cancer inhibitor, which has the ability to cause apoptosis or normal cell death in cancer cells.And there even studies shows that pomegranate helps lower LDL oxidation as much as 90%, some studies also shows that it also help improves blood flow,

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  1. I love pomegranates! My in-laws have a pomegranate tree and we have a bunch from their tree in our garage. We are planning on juicing them sometime this week.

  2. Hope you can give me some LOL! thanks for dropping by!

  3. I am just a lover of pomegranate.its delicious taste is is so healthy to have pomegranate in our diet


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