Friday, November 27, 2009

Coconut Oil for your hair.

Well for those people who are still asking does coconut oil has benefits for the hair? And can you get some improvement from this? Then you may want to read this.. Because it really does. Actually that is one of the traditional use in the tropics and the Indians and in these places they put it in their hair and it helps with the hair health.

There was actually studies on this, Compared coconut oil to other kinds of oil, on hair health and the coconut oil is superior to these other oils, and it is because again in the medium chain fatty acids, having an affect on the hair shaft, makes it healthier. So the coconut oil acts like a conditioner, you put it in and you let it sit for a few minutes. It could be 15 minutes to half an hour and then you wash it out.

Another benefit of doing this, and using the coconut oil to your hair is that it get rids of dandruff. It's an excellent anti dandruff product as well, without drying your scalp of course. Another way of using this is to put some amount in your hand and smooth that on your fingers, then give yourself a massage with it, You can massage your scalp in circular motion for a bout 5 minutes all around your scalp with the coconut oil.Again in scientific studies, it was proven that oil can deeply penetrate in the hair shaft, then after 5 minutes put some amount of oil again in your hand, remember that you don't need a lot of oil to do this. then just work it around the hair., Then tie your hair up, and rinse it the next morning. Remember to do this at night before you sleep. And twice a week is fine.. So there, a simple yet practical way of leaving your hair healthy, it shines.

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