Friday, June 26, 2009

Organic-Learn to read the labels

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Whenever you are buying your groceries like maybe meat, milk, fish. It can be a little tricky. There are so many signs that are posted there saying "organic" and other stuffs, but how would you really know the difference, Knowing the meaning of those specific names, will actually help you in your buying decision. If you are going to spend or save on something worth buying or maybe not.

The term natural is always associated with vegetables and fruits, Honestly this is just a marketing strategy to tell you to purchase their products, Fruit and vegetables are natural right? Well, Unless it’s a new kind of food that has been developed and processed, the product is natural. But are you looking for Organic?

Remember organic are foods that are grown without fertilizers or pesticides or any other chemicals, You might be asking why many people are so into organic? Because it has benefits.

Here are the main benefits:

First and foremost, Our mother nature is thanking you for helping her, because no chemicals are being used to grow those plants, thus helping to protect the environment from harmful chemicals. Second, is that your helping yourself because you don't let those chemicals get into your body (through those food of course). Healthier food means healthier you.

But Organic food maybe a little pricey, So if you are in a very very tight budget, you have choices whether your going to buy organic or not. For example:
You don't need to buy organic fruits and vegetables that you can peel, like bananas or oranges, because you are actually peeling the chemicals off from the fruit or vegetables, so if you're going to buy organic, go for fruits like apples because you eat its peel. Just always make sure that you always wash your food before you eat and cook them

You probably heard or see a very tricky sign that says. no "hormones". This is usually associated with dairy products, meat products, well this is false, why? beacuse hormones are naturally produce by all animals, It is very essential to all animals, it regulates body organs, so what does " no hormones" means, Some hormones are given to the animals unnaturally, to increase the production of the milk, so if they say no hormones, maybe it means no hormones were unnaturally given to the animals.

There is this another label that tells if the animals in this meat was penned or caged, doesn't have any difference when it comes to nutritional value of the meat or the quality of it, Well. it matters with the animal rights.

All of these products may be a little expensive than the usual, but it's still up to your so learn to read the labels. and know what it means!

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